Thursday, 30 May 2013

The little things

                The little things that made me smile today

 When Im on afternoon shift the morning just flies and the little things that made me smile this morning were this cute little ceramic bunny that I bought at an opp shop which I may plant a succulent in.
 My vintage supper cloths which my friend calls my Nana cloths, a cute little posy of flowers from the garden and a bowl of goodies.

 My sons needed new textas and pencils oh how I loved to get new textas as a child, well worth it he colored for ages
 I can crochet
and last but not least just before I went to work my wonderful Father bought me over some lunch ... a homemade spring roll from a local shop its a Chinese spring roll and its delicious its from Poonies as they call him I remember him when I was a child him and his brother both owned milk bars and cook Chinese food there and they are just delicious my daughter loves his fried rice.
This was all a good start to the day ahead at work.


  1. I use to love my Grandmothers doileys and hand stiched table runners and table cloths. When she died and we were asked if we wanted anything from her home (There's a side story), i asked for her doileys (which no one wanted) or even thought two hoots about. I think of her with her big poofy bunches of roses on the side tables when i use them. Imagine her stiching the little flowers.

    Side Story - when my dad died (i was 10 - 1974 his is brother orchestrated to have Mum and all six of us kids written out of my grandparents will. We had lived on the farm with them, saw them daily and Dad worked the farm for no wages. We were self-suffient. The big city slicker brother, sold the farm, and we were raised in town on a widows pension. Tough it was. But Karma came back and bit him on the arse and we have a lovely loving family and all we need. Oh, and the best Mum in the world. Hence, when Grandma died, we inherited nothing of a good fortune but were invited to take a few items from the house. I also got her mothers (making it ancient) singer sewing machine which is fully operational.

  2. You must put some photos of the doileys and sewing machine on your blog.
    A loving family and appreciating the simple things certainly is much more important in my eyes


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