Saturday, 4 April 2020

Outside my kitchen window

 Staying at home is easy for me as I can find so many things to do at home
This is the view from my kitchen sink .

 Sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t control others
 My beautiful piano which is very good if feeling stressed . Learning a new song can be very distracting
 Taking photos of things that are precious . This trio was my fathers when he was a baby .
 My outdoor area . It’s such a lovely peaceful spot . When Alaska isn’t barking .
 My vege garden and iris garden plus a few dahlias
 Busy taking photos of candles we make with love
 Always plenty of weeding to do in this back yard
 Kitchen table gets plenty of use. It’s the hub of the house . We eat , we make candles , we play games
I have enjoyed monopoly , uno & jigsaws with my 18 year old
I have so many things to do to keep me occupied .

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Things to do

 make candles
 plant a vege garden
 start researching your family tree
 srt , scrapbook ,journal
 stock pile home cooked meals in the freezer
 save seeds
 clean out cupboards
we have no control over others we can only control what we do.

Be kind

Friday, 20 March 2020

Crazy times

 Take time to stop & breathe
Be mindful
Enjoy the small things
 A smile
 Light a candle
Read a book
Play music
Take a bath
Research your family tree
 Fresh flowers
 My garden
 Now is the time to enjoy the comforts of home

 Pot plants
Plant a vegetable garden

Play games 

Practice yoga
Enjoy the little things

Saturday, 14 March 2020


 With all this corona virus in the news & the supermarkets are crazy
I’m loving staying in .
I’ve joined a bartering site on Facebook & have found it fantastic so far
The first thing I posted was a bunch of rhubarb and said I would swap for vege seeds or fresh produce . I got plenty of vege seeds so hence I’ve had to get stuck into preparing the vege garden.
Which half of it had iris in it from last season so today I have spent pulling out & replanting iris.
I also bartered chocolates for mushroom compost , horse poo & sheep poo to prepare the soil.

 I trimmed the iris leaves in the front garden . I have around 50 different colours now all over the gardens .
 I traded one of the candles I make for this bamboo lap table

 This is the vege garden a work in progress

 I traded succulents for baby formula for my daughter ( unopened )
 I traded rhubarb for 3 large punnets of blackberries so I made jam.
Then made biscuits

 I also attended my local monthly succulent & cactus meeting & was gifted these lovely
Cherry tomatoes by a 93 year old friend who still gardens everyday . Such an inspiration
I think a lot more people may find bartering so much easier than the supermarket madness .

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