Monday, 28 April 2014

Slow down

I am a bad blogger, I seem to be quite busy at the moment running from one project to the next, picking up different books and not finishing them.
The thing with blogging is it makes me stop and appreciate moments of beauty around the home like a new bloom or a bud or a spider web. The list could just go on and on, I stop to take photos of all sorts of things.
One thing about me is I seem to be busy doing all sorts of things but I just love life and there are just so many things I want to do, I cannot understand the word bored at all.
I love to garden but Im not posting any pictures of that today as the garden is looking a tad tragic at the moment as I need a full weekend out there to pull out the end of season tomatoes and half eaten cabbages and something is eating my Kale grrrr I need to fix that situation.
I have been a little busy with work commitments and my Reiki and Indian head massage is certainly going well at the moment , in a couple of weeks I will be of to do my foot reflexology course and then Im doing cert 4 in massage so Im going to be a busy little bee this year.
Now my post title is slow down well yes Im taking in each moment of the day to appreciate lifes little gifts and this photo is my little moment of taking something in that is just so beautiful to me.
 Its a litter of baby bunnies. They are netherland dwarfs {the smallest breed of rabbit}
Its a little hobby of mine. I am friends with a few breeders and Ive decided I quite like the color orange so thats going to be  little project of mine. This litter isnt orange its my bew and vienna line. This is the other color I love.
Its always so exciting to come out to a nest of bunnies. I dont breed very often and my bunnies are nice and spoilt . I have a garden just for them with silverbeet and kale and celery leaves. Also fresh green grass and apples and carrots . I handle them all every day its part of my daily routine. I cant stand to think of a pet bunny sitting outside in a dirty cage. They often get to free range on the grass.
This is my slow down time wandering the yard taking the time to visit and talk to them. I really think the neighbours think Im a little crazy, Im either talking to the chickens, bunnies , ducks or cats or dogs.
The bunny waste is put to good use on the garden so their cages are kept extremely clean.
Im hoping this weekend I can slow down a little more and have some pictures of a tidy garden xx

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter Peeps

 Happy Easter from everyone here. What a glorious day it was, not hot and not to cold a great day to potter outside. The bunnies love time in the pens, cages get a revamp.

 The garden is looking a bit sad at the moment so I let the girls have  a lovely afternoon wrecking it even more, I must admit they were not to bad the silkies were quite funny and dust bathed in black dirt and were filthy.

 My new garden got a real kicking over. I cleaned out the chook pen and put all the waste on this garden but straight after the girls kicked it everywhere.
 Cleaned out the little duck pool and they just loved it, straight in flapping around. I must say I could of watched these farmyard characters all day.
The girls have been extremely lazy with their egg laying Im hoping with the chookpen all clean and revamped they will be so kind to give me more than one egg a day.
What a a wonderful day it was.
Now to cook up a feast for Easter Sunday. xx

Monday, 7 April 2014

and then there were .......

 Who could resist, um well not me anyway.
These are my two new beautiful girls , I went to the rural lifestyle expo and I couldnt resist these two. The man told me they were appleyard ducks. But Im pretty sure they look like Indian Runner ducks. The photo of the duck above is the cheekiest I havnt named them yet but they have a ball in their little pool they are just so cute to wash.

 Neve watching the new additions.
 Sandy the rabbit she is another new addition.
 Im not sure the girls look that impressed

 Now Gerti always walks right under my feet she is the chook who has to have pats or a nurse she just needs to know what Im doing . I have to be careful with her at the moment as I have bursitis in my knee and Im supposed to be resting and be very careful with it so no tripping over anything or anyone.
 Finally broad beans starting to shoot , I made sure I showed Dad as he loves these.
 A couple of shots from the expo, I think Indy looks good as a farmer.
 Oh my baby pigs are so cute, Linda I really want one of these but I stopped myself are you proud lol.

 Dont you love an English Angora Bunny
 A Mother hen and her chicks
 This is interesting its a bee hotel. It was at the permaculture stand its a great idea.
 My son didnt want to go to the expo so he went for a ride with his Dad as he had bought a new bike and its a novelty at the moment.
 My strict instructions hold on tight and drive slow real slow.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The last of the blooms

Taking a walk around the garden there isnt much left in bloom.
A couple of dahlias although I must say the bushes a full of blooms and I bring these inside all the time in vases in my reiki room and on the kitchen table

 A few daisys
 Have just planted this dahlia its a little lonesome at the moment but hopefully next year it is full of blooms.
I did buy a yellow dahlia bush at the flower show but there are no flowers on it as yet.
 A lonely sunflower.

 Think this is a type of daisy but unsure
Not a great deal happening but a lot of work to be done pulling out veges that are finishing.
Im not sure how much work will get done in the school holidays , school has just finished today and I already have a nagger on my hands. This better not be a sign of things to come in the next two weeks
Happy Friday everyone. Im of to the Rural Lifestyle expo tommorow yay.
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