Friday, 25 May 2012

A funeral

This last 12 months I have attended 3 funerals , one was a friend then a week later my beloved Mother then just this week my Aunty June ( my fathers sister).
My Auntys funeral even though very sad it was beautiful for a family that hadnt seen each other for many years. I sat and watched my father chat with brothers he hadnt seen for 35 years, it was like my Aunty had got the whole family together, I often hear Dad talk about his childhood but when they all got together and spoke about it, it was just beautiful , old memories of Ballarat in the 50s and 60s, of bakerys and houses and people.
Very funny memories when he was a child, Aunty June was 20 when Dad was born so she looked after Dad most of the time and he spent every school holidays with her, she bought him gifts home from work all the time, she was a very caring sister to Dad as a child.
My deepest sympathy goes to her family as she was a loved Mother and grandmother .
Our family both on my Mothers and fathers side go back 6 generations just in Ballarat so there is a lot of history in this town in our familys.
I have my father recording in a book his childhood memories as its one of my favourite things to listen to.
I have read this book to the kids and they just love it, I was going to just read one part but they didnt want me to stop and were yelling more more pleeeeease.
I think everybody should keep a journal with some of there fond memories in it, as otherwise they are lost even though people tell them they may forget bits and pieces thats why we have to write things down.
How things have changed in Ballarat, my father lived in central Ballarat in Lyons st and if he takes us for a walk up sturt st , how things have changed in his stories.
The grocer, the butcher, the pigman, bakeries,trams, the night time serial around the radio, toast on the fire, supper, the whole community.
We have become to busy, a throw away society{ there once were bootmakers to fix our shoes now throw them away buy a new pair} In another 50 years I wonder what Ballarat will be like .
For me I really like the sound of the way things were back then, people seemed so much nicer.
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