Saturday, 14 November 2015

A catch up

Well I Havnt had much time of late, blogging has been on the back burner, things have been quite busy around here.
My new vege garden is almost finished,
I just need to put some bark on the path between the two gardens. The back bed is vege garden the front bed will be different variety of iris . 

Finally got some seedlings in today , tomatoes , lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini ,capsicum , butternut pumpkins , watermelon . Rhubarb . I also potted some herbs as I use them all the time.
This is my little potting corner . 

I salvaged pots from my mum & dads property which has now been sold.

My Aunty is also very generous with plants as she has such a green thumb & is often dropping me of lovely pots of plants .
Since I lost my lilly bulbs & dahlia tubers my Aunty has given me a new lot. Yay

Berries are coming along nicely 
A new addition to my study
I have admired this chair for a long time & I finally bit the bullet & purchased it.
Lots of works going on in the backyard at the moment.
I've also been busy teaching reiki & holding group get togethers at my house for like minded friends , we have creative workshops where we meditate , talk about crystals , card reading and a bit of painting .
I really love all the spectacular colors  of iris I can't wait to get my garden bed going . My Aunty and I are growing all the different colors then doing a swap.

My friend & I spent some time in Melbourne participating in one minute eye contact experiment . 
& as if I'm not busy enough. I joined scentsy as I love the products . So if anyone is interested im your gal lol. 
To finish of a busy day in the garden , a lovely Thai beef salad for tea. One of my favorite meals at the moment .
Hope everyone enjoys their week xx
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