Monday, 20 October 2014

A give away

I have quite a few Vintage Earth garden magazines so if your into gardening and such and you live in Australia all you have to do is share my blog then comment.
Of course you must be a follower of my blog.
I will put names into a hat and pick out winner on Sunday . I have 2 lots to give away 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Growing fast

What a week

 After having a very hectic week which often happens in this house there is never a dull moment.
My escape is walking into my yard and just being..... Just for today right now enjoy this moment.
Im certainly enjoying my melting moments with passionfruit icing thanks Joolz the recipe turned out perfect.
 Nala lazes around all day on the pea straw in the vege garden.
 Oregano to be dried
 My new prize that I treated myself with after completing my reiki master teachers certificate.
Im going to make a reiki garden.
 Appreciating this spring blooms
 and the blossoms.
I love comfrey, it has so many uses and now is the time it comes shooting through.
 At the moment I am really loving Iris blooms there are so many beautiful colors of these flowers I would love them all. I once thought there was only purple..... how wrong I was.
 I still have some almonds growing.
 Alaska poking her nose through the fence as she has been confined to the balcony at the moment as after getting her spayed I had to keep her quiet ...... well that didnt work very well we have been to the vet three times since as she has had to have her wound drained as she is very hard to keep still and rest almost impossible really.
 Mum please let me come down the backyard I promise I wont chase ducks or climb on hay bales.
 I have taken some rosemary cuttings
 I also have quite a few plants that I have taken cuttings from to give to friends
A weekend treat

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Backyard Bliss

 Its such a wonderful thing to be able to escape into my yard and appreciate the beauty there.
These beautiful little chicks with their doting Mummy hen.

 She is the most wonderful Mother.
 My favorite color is blooming everywhere , I love calendula, I use it in my soaps and also a balm.
 Poor baby Alaska looks a little miserable in this photo she has just come home from getting spayed. She was moping for the day but the next day she was up and about bounding all over the place. I have no idea how Im going to keep her quiet for 2 weeks.
 I love my ducks they are just so entertaining to watch , pottering around the yard in and out of the pond.
 Perfect time of years for bees. I love watching what plants are their favorites.
 The early morning cockatoos seem to love my almond tree.
 Even orange poppies.

 Now this succulent I love it is just so perfect.
 Home made biscuits for the week
 This gazania is my favorite at the moment its magical
 Now I really need some vege garden fence ideas as somebody likes to dig in these patches.
 The ducks have taken to hiding their eggs in different places everyday. Its a treasure hunt each morning

Im really loving how the backyard is coming along since I have never dug any soil what so ever it is all the layer lasagna style gardening, Caardboard, mulch, horse poop, compost ,pea straw..... you name it what ever is around . Thats my kind of garden the no dig garden.

Friday, 3 October 2014

India and henna

My daughter is so talented with her art work. She has taken up drawing with henna. This is the design she drew on her own arm . I'm loving this henna art work at the moment 

Small things

 I just can not walk past this beauty without taking a photo. The color is just magical.

 Guess what hatched this morning
 Chickens are just the cutest little babies ever.
 I know there are chickens in here.
 I am still making all our biscuits and cakes

 With a little help from Dad bringing in a treat of samosas.
But the biscuit barrel is constantly full.
Have a great weekend everyone poor old me is working over time this weekend
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