Friday, 24 May 2013

A typical Friday

Early morning dew on my favourite rose bush.
Its 7 am and its still dark outside this is view from my balcony
The very last of my tomatoes Ive decided to make a nice hot spicy sauce consisting of
tomatoes ,apple,onion, garlic,salt , pepper, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice,apple cider vinegar, chilli,,grated ginger, cumin, turmeric. Once again no measurements but it tastes delish, nice and spicy.

Ok now Im ready to head of for Friday morning opp shopping with my nice warm vintage coat, I just love this one. Friday is my favourite morning for opp shops, all the little church opp shops are open.
 Back home after a morning of shopping and its feeding time at the zoo and cleaning cage day

 My new vege garden bed given to me by a friend I just have to fill it now
 Little miss Nala
 My poor effort of pumpkins this year I think I have 3 and this is the biggest
 Waratah seeds bought of ebay I have about 10 shooting , very slow growing
 Broad beans in the garden
 Neve in her pen waiting for Indy to come home from school and clean cages as she wants some pocket money.
 Picky going crazy in the pen next to Neve I usually let them free range around the yard but not together as they are male and female
 They quite love each other he has big plans
 of digging through to the other side to meet her

Have a good weekend xx

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