Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lazy day

               Lazy day

Not much doing today, dropped kids to school, visited a couple of opp shops. There is housework to be done but that can wait until another day,
Ive been reading an interesting book "The simple Living guide".
Most people spend 70% or more at their day jobs
Im lucky in a way I choose to only work job share at the moment and that is by choice.
70% hmmm I know at work Im watching the clock 1 hour until break another hour until tea 6 hours until Im home, Im writing to do lists for when I get home but the whole time Im there Im wishing my life away just waiting for the next hour to go quickly. The part in this book about spending 70% of time at work and disliking that much of your life, sounds terrible. The book also talks about changing our attitude toward work  and this new attitude can breathe new life into our current job we thought that was mundane and boring {I make lollies}.
It then goes on to say that Zen monks are trained to do manual labour like cleaning toilets and pulling weeds and sweeping floors. This is to show that spirituality is not all about hanging about in church or sitting for meditation. Spirituality is about bringing mindfulness to everyday activities.
This week Im going to try this at work and see how I go. Oh and any other job I dislike.


  1. Funny, my Bestie's govt dept just retrenched half the staff and she was sent on a course on how to be mindful and productive at work, so she could do 4 people's jobs. I've teased her endlessly about being mindful when she emails me from work (as only Besties can). Sounds like a good book. However, i love my job, the people i work for and often now that i dont have a child at school, leave early to get a head start. I do however, wish my weekends were longer or that we had day light savings all year so i could do something outside at night. Cant have everything. (Oh, thanks for following my blog and making comments - ive got a bit to catch up on re yours).

    1. Hi Lynda that is what happened where I work and we are doing the jobs of 4 people some days, in 20 years that I have worked there I have never seen it this bad, so this week Im going to try out this attitude lol ,your very lucky you have a job you love, wonder if by the end of the week Im going to love mine lol. Thank you for following my blog as well.


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