Friday, 26 September 2014

Im still sorting

 I have been pottering around all day sorting through different things, doing jobs on my lists.
Of course taking photos around the yard, when you blog the camera seems to get a workout.
This is my pear tree and Im hoping I get a few pears this year,
 The ducks are using my fish pond luckily I dont have any fish as yet.
 New buds on the grape vines
 A to do job. Make laundry liquid. I actually ran out I never run out but I have been that busy that I hadnt got around to making any.
 Just love it when those tomato seeds start sprouting . I have been saving these seeds for about 4 years now
 Finally got around to registering my reiki business . In a couple of weeks I will do a post with the name. By the end of October I will be able to teach Reiki so I will be very busy making manuals.
 Part of todays clean out I have put these up on a local Buy, swap and sell site. I do find it hard to part with things but Im not using them and my children dont want them so they have to go. Im clearing the clutter.

 Some little child is going to have a carnival with this.
 Some vintage books that a collector shall love.
Must not forget to photograph the bunnies ready for new homes.
I have only touched the surface of my cleaning out. So much more to do.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

I love Spring

There is something about spring that makes me want to really de clutter and sort through things. My kids call it Obsessive compulsive disorder. Maybe its correct but I really like to sort through everything this time of year. Every room will have a overhall.
Hence that saying a spring clean.
It does take a few weeks to get it all done.
I have started this week
Cleaned out my wardrobe { next is the dressing table}

Cleaned out Tylers room { just need to do his clothes today}

I have given away a dresser and a desk and a bed that we no longer need and there will be more things this week.

I make a list everyday of what I need to do so the job doesnt look to big and daunting

Since I work and have quite a busy lifestyle my front garden has got quite out of hand and I had started pulling out a lot of plants for a makeover but time is just not on my side so yesterday I had a family member over who is a gardener to come and take a look and get him on the job in the next couple of weeks.
I have some photos of the front garden now which Im not putting up yet as its hideous so I will wait until he gets his hands stuck into it so I have some after shots as well to display.

 The thing I also love about spring is the bulbs
 Also just love the spring vege gardens
 Blossoms how I love the fruit trees with all the beautiful blossoms

 Iris starting to bloom some magical looking flowers
 She is still sitting peeps. Oh please bless me with baby chicks
 And still growing.
 Loganberries trailing across the back fence
 Yellow such a happy bloom
 Spring babes looking for a feed
 My guard cat keeping close eye on the chickens
Hummingbird cake this cake is always a huge hit and it didnt last to long in this house.
Well Im of to do some major sorting out on my spring cleaning venture.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Silverbeet and ricotta pie

I made this pie tonight and it was simply delicious .
500 grams ricotta
1/2 teasp nutmeg
3 eggs
80 grams Parmesan cheese grated
Bunch of silverbeet fried with one chopped onion
Then mix all together

In a dish grease with olive oil
Place a sheet of puff pastry 
To line the dish make sure it comes up the sides 
Fill with mixture
Then place filo pastry one sheet at a time spraying each sheet with olive oil
I used about 5 sheets
Bake in medium oven 
Serve with garden salad 
Simply delicious 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Garden happenings

 There are a few little things going on in my garden , there is certainly a lot of work to be done and some fences to put up to keep a certain someone of my gardens, The tulips have survived
 I have some silverbeet which Im going to make a silverbeet and ricotta slice.
 Broadbeans still seem quite hardy even though we have had some shocking windy days and they have been trampled a couple of times by Alaska.
 Bok Choy for my stir fry this weekend. I really love bok choy so I just planted some more seedlings today.
 Cos lettuce for a nice chicken and ceasar salad.
 I can see a nice curried cauliflower soup happening this week also.
 This is a nice little opp shop find that I planted some succulents in.
 Linda this one is for you, see they are starting to bud my grape cuttings . Ive potted up quite a few and I have had some beautiful big sweet red grapes from this vine.
 Broccoli for the stir fry, I also planted some more seedlings today
 Mixed lettuce gone to seed Im hoping it will self sow
 Garlic patch is a bit tragic this year but I only planted a small amount as I have a freezer full of garlic still from last season
 Now this beautiful bay tree I appreciate so much more at the moment have you seen the price of bay leaves. I couldnt believe it its about $4.00 for a few dried leaves eeeek.
 Kale going to seed Im hoping to save these and re plant again.
 Loganberry bushes starting to grow a lot of new shoots I hope I get as many as last year they seem to be a bit late this year.
 Ive moved my beautiful cochin hen into a hutch as she has gone broody and fluffs her self up everytime I go to get the eggs and she is sitting on 12 fertilized eggs at the moment so wish me luck. I havnt had much luck last year hatching chickens but Im pretty confident with this girl as she stayed broody when I moved her which was great.
 Still amples of parsley I just love scrambled eggs and parsley which I have plenty of both at the moment so breakfast at my house guess what you get.
 Im pretty happy about this plum tree its beautiful.
 Tyler wants to go to the movies this weekend so he has to earn the money so he has been carting wood for me for this garden
 Alaska idolizes Gizzi she followers her everywhere and just watches her..... no privacy even when going to the toilet hmmmm I know how she feels its a bit like having children.

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