Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mothers Day

                               Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day to all those Mums out there especially the ones in a one parent household, like mine. Im remembering my Mother with love today even though she passed away 18 months ago she is never far away. I feel her near me so often especially when times can be tough, this morning I checked my tattslotto and I won $33.00 woo hoo but Im sure it was from Mum as the number 3 after Mums death was allways appearing.
My son made me breakfast in bed which was nice it was his favourite toast with turkey with piles of bbq sauce lol.
I thought a trip to the local trash and treasure would be nice it was looking good we got a park right out the front. Next minute there were tears  India had jammed Tylers finger in the door of the car..... oh great I don't think it really was that serious but he did make a huge drama of , I couldn't even see a mark on his finger
They were fine once inside after Tyler having some South Melbourne market dim sims and India having some Indian samosas all was honky dory once more.
Yes its mothers day, and they scored a couple of little treats I thought to myself that's it Im buying a rose for my garden
I love the deep burgundy.
Ive had several Mothers day wishes from lovely friends which was nice.
A call from my daughter in Melbourne which was nice.
A trip to the Mill Market in Ballarat and Daylesford to browse the collectables with Dad and the kids
 The start of my fairy garden
Old Wares in my garden

 End of my grapes
 Somebody has stolen something to eat

here are the remains the naughty dog

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