Monday, 29 April 2013

Sunshine and Rainbows

                                 Crazy Week

Well my plan to post more on my blog went down the drain last week, what a crazy week of ups and downs and for no reason really, my friend and I blame it on the full moon which I didnt even realize it was as I was so lost in my own little world.
The term sunshine and rainbows is a saying we use at work when lots of things are going on and people around us are getting mad we say to each other well, they are all sunshine and rainbows today, and the saying has stuck.
The first thing that drove me crazy is some lovely friends were kind enough to give me some wool as India wanted to learn to crochet...... WELL I really should know how to crochet my Mother did teach me and she used to crochet beautifuly, well my effort was a hideous mess, as much as I looked on youtube and blogs, my effort was terrible the kids looked and laughed, so there will be no photos of that task until I master any thing that resembles a square.
I cant even blame kids for driving me mad as they were good, I was just just un motivated to do much at all.
I took Tyler to the Anzac parade which made me quite sad watching all the old soldiers tears were welling up in my eyes I was glad to get home.
Thursday night I decided that was it I will do a reiki on myself and I woke up Friday and my mood had lifted so much, thank goodness.
I need to get some work done , I had plenty of things that had to be listed to ebay, snacks to bake, gardens to weed and piggies to sort out.
I know its Autumn but I really need to spring clean this house.
Im glad I only have two nightshifts to work this week so I can get some organizing done
 The picture above is some of my latest little sheba yaks the three in the back corner I will be keeping, I really love the himilayan colouring . Guinea pigs are such lovely little pets they love company and I only ever put one pregnant pig in with all the other girls as if you put pregnant pigs in together when one goes into labour it can induce the labour of another pig, I learnt that the hard way and the piggy lost her whole litter as they were born to early. The other female pigs will mother the babies and if they still have milk from previous litters they will suckle the young as well, such a cute little community they have going on.
 I can not go anywhere without these girls Nala and Kat, they go to the chook pen they are at the guinea pigs they jump in the pen when the rabbits are free ranging, complete sticky beaks
 Just a picture of my favourite colouring in the sheba yaks he is going to be a lovely boy he is only 3 weeks old
 Big Cat sitting on balcony with Kat and yes thats his name big cat , pretty original in this house
 A couple of months ago India and I had a bit of a paint the eyes are  Indias paintings
This mass of colour is my first effort bizzare I know

Monday, 22 April 2013


Opp Shop find

Did I mention I love vintage, I just happened to be driving past an opp shop and thought well I really cant just drive past and not just call in for a quick look. Oh the colours in these drapes I could not resist, if only they would fit my windows. The vintage material in them I just had to buy them for only $5.00 they were a bargain, not sure what we will make with these as yet but there is a fair bit of material there for $5.00.

This weekend I told the kids we were staying home the next few weeks and we had to find things to do around the house. No ipods or games.
Tylers option was star wars figures, India was a little more constructive and spent the whole day sewing from scraps of material that we have collected from opp shops, and she made this most beautiful cushion, I was quite surprised.
She did ask to go to Lincraft and buy wool as she wanted to learn to crochet but I put a call out on facebook if anybody could help me out with some scrap wool and was lucky enough for a very kind person to trade me some wool for some home grown tomatoes, so now we have some beautiful wool to have a go at a crochet rug, think I will give this a go as well.
I was determined not to go anywhere or spend anything this weekend even at supermarket.
This trying to live simply and spend less is quite a challenge when you have kids, one step at a time, I would like to educate them in enjoying the simple things and not wanting the latest and greatest, and following fads in fashion. Be an individual and enjoy the small things not the mass produced rubbish around today.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

What Im reading

 There is nothing like jumping into bed with a good book, I really dont like the e books, I love a book, I think growing up my father had two book shops and often had book collections,has rubbed of on me, although I dont think he ever had the subjects that I do,
 Whole Larder Love is a great book, beautiful photos, Ive only tried two recipes so far , zucchini soup and gnocci, and they were divine.

 Free range Chicken Gardens has only arrived this week but Im loving it.

 Rhondas Down to Earth  is a fantastic book, it covers everything, my kids love the homemade yoghart recipe.
The Permaculture Home Garden is just an all time favourite, a lady gave this to me at a garage sale . So it is extra good.

Friday, 19 April 2013


I just couldnt resist

Who could resist these beautiful birds, they have to be my favourite, Belgium D`uccles
the two girls are mille fleur in colour meaning a thousand flowers and the rooster is a silver mille fleur.
I have been admiring this breed for a long time and these three are kept seperate to my other girls. Im hoping by spring I may have some chicks. The rooster crows but since they are a small bird ( about as big as a crow} he isnt really that noisy at all.
I love watching these three free ranging around the yard. There names are Daisy and Rosemary and the roo is Bernard{ I havnt mentioned that to my father yet as that is his name}

 Now I cant leave my other girls out pictured above is my three silkies the white one is Snowball, Black girl is Lucy and Buff silky is ginger.
The two australorps were hatched by Lucy from some fertilized eggs I bought Henrietta and Hatty, they are no where near as friendly as the silkies, the silkies love a cuddle and a pat.
 My two wyandottes which I just love the colouring of this breed and silver laced being my favourite.
Boris and Bee

The above photo with Kat {short for Katarina} is quite game as she was chased promptly out of pen.
For anyone thinking about getting chickens , they are the most awsome pet, and quite addictive.
They eat the table scraps they fertilize the garden and most of all they supply us in eggs. Although at the moment they are off the lay. So its just time to admire their antics.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Places to Visit


 If you ever get a chance a visit to Mooramong is allways an interesting place to check out, unfortunately no photos are alowed to be taken inside the house, which I have been through about 5 times now and just love. The house was built in the late 1870s just out of Skipton. The house was given to Scobie Mackinnon for his 21 st present where he took up residence here in 1928.
In 1937 while in London at a party he met Claire Adams a hollywood filmstar whom he had a 3 week romance then marrried her then travelled the world for a 12 month honeymoon and came back to live at Mooramong. Imagine the talk in the town at the time.
The house was redecorated to Claires liking art deco hollywood style, very ahead of its times and that moment in time. Pool area, games room, bar, filmstar dressing room.
The house was left to national trust and it is just how Claire left it. Its also a flora and fauna reserve.
There are many stories that go with the house and depends who takes you on a guided tour as to the stories that are told. But its well worth a visit.
 A lot of old relics laying around as you walk around the property as it is 1500 hectare farming property
 Old stables
 I couldnt quite capture the beautiful gardens surrounding the pool area, Claire and Scobies ashes are also buried under the old peach tree by the pool.

 The soldiers settlers shed that homed many, in the freezing cold and the awful hot summers in this tin shed
Quite an interesting lifestyle they led, and were very generous to all those that worked for them, my great Aunt worked for Claire in the kitchen. They would of employed many people in their lifetime.
I would of loved to have seen what happened to all her beautiful clothes and jewellery.

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