Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Snippetts of my home

                  Home is where the heart is

 My therapy I bought this piano 30 years ago I just love it.
 Allways a melt burning in the burner, this is my favourite oil burner
 By George she`s got it, finally I worked it out, its rough but Im happy
 Little opp shop finds
 My Mothers teddy bear collection sits on my stairs
 An old suitcase at the top of the stairs
A painting but not sure where it came from

 My Mothers sister Aunty Betty painted this plate on my wall
 I have a hoarder in the house Miss Indy ,this is just a little part of her room of trinkets ugh
 I love this chair another opp shop find
 An ebay find
Yes yes Im getting to it, I know its not spring but I have to remind myself to clean every corner of the house, as hoping to have a garage sale somtime soon

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