Saturday, 1 June 2013

                     Not what I had planned

I had a nice long list of jobs I had been planning to do today, but unfortunately the list got cut right back.
Yesterday I fell down the stairs again ugh, this time I hurt my back oh what pain it was, so yesterday I did nothing at all but rest {which I hate to do}
Today I did some stretches to strengthen my back but Im being careful.
I was going to refurbish the chook pen but shoveling may be a bit much so that can wait for another week.
 I did manage to clean a guinea pig hutch  and 2 girls had given birth to these little cuties in this picture they are about 15 minutes old, its hard to tell but there are actually 6 piggies here they are all purebred sheba yaks. The 2 white ones are 2 one girl and the 4 others are 2 another, with my piggies they all seem to look after each others babies they have quite a community happening.
 This is Kat keeping careful watch over the pigs
 I was going to bath these girls today but that will have to wait as well, they are looking pretty scruffy at the moment
 Im a bit excited about this , every lemon tree I have planted has died  but I have three lemons and that's a lot for me

 My favorite shoe wardrobe
 Another exciting achievement today, I have never ever made pies, I always make sausage rolls and pasties but never pies and yesterday while I was resting I was busy reading other peoples blogs and I seen some lovely pies, so today I made pies and they were absolutely delicious.
 As usual I have no recipe but I made my own shortcrust for the base and the filling is mince steak I divided it in 3 and made Bolognese , curry and just plain beef, for the top I used puff pastry sheets.
The Bolognese I also placed cheese in as well. I was extremely happy the way they turned out and everybody loved them.
Now I want to make more, I really enjoy making the different varieties.
Think there will be quite a few experiments in my kitchen now

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  1. Hope back is OK - if it happens more than once you need look at the stairs and fix them. Do they need better tread, handrail etc.

    Congratulations on your lemons. I have my first lemon on a stick tree in a pot. It looks so forlorn. Have to get it in ground soon.

    Your puppy dogs look so cute.

    Hmmmmm looks like its pie time. Im still scared of pastry, and pasta, and bread. I'll get there.


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