Thursday, 30 January 2014

Back to school

Its been a very busy week here, organizing all the fine details of starting secondary school.
All the uniforms , books, interviews, sorting books, bus fares { boy are they expensive] yearly bus pass is $392.00 for one child.
Then the final day comes, that first day of secondary school for the youngest child boo hoo.
He was quite nervous, Indy and I waited with him at his class until the bell went and then I get my last hug and oh no the tears started flowing .... not his , mine , he looks at me and says oh no Mum your crying , why are you crying oh you better go before you embarass me , so of I go with Indy with her arm around me leading me to the toilet so I can fix my face, the teachers informing me it ok he will be fine and you go and have a coffee in the staffroom. Oh the embaressment of it all lol.
When I went to pick him up he informed me he loved it and had a awesome day and he loves secondary school...... phew.
What did I do while he was at school, well I have a glut of zucchinis so I was busy making lunch snacks
 Zucchini slice for the freezer, I always make two.
 Zucchini and chocolate cake I made one for the freezer also

Oh dear and even though I made all these things I still have loads more and even more on the plant. Ive made soup the other day and froze it. I might try zucchini fritters, think I need some more zucchini recipes.
Now tommorow Indy is back at school so the house will be quiet until they get home.
I just have to survive this heat wave which Im not fond of at all.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Wednesday bibs and bobs

Picking from today's vege garden

Zucchini's and rhubarb are plentiful , so soup is bubbling away for me to take to work tonight.

I have a vacant rabbit hutch at the moment , the cats love it.
As if to say no more bunnies. 
I have a new toy, my lovely partner bought me a early birthday present, I've allways wanted to learn to play one of these. It's a mountain dulcimer.

It's quite different to my piano but I've worked out a few notes already . I wish I didn't have to work today so I could sit and play. 
Learning music is very good therapy , if you already know how to play an instrument take up a new one for a challenge , get that brain working .
Some yummy bunnies

But this bunny is just the cutest munchkin don't you think. 
Hope everyone is enjoying there week xx

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The most beautiful essential oils

I have found a new company I love, it fits in nicely with my reiki and Indian head massage and in another few month reflexology.



Why pay retail?
When you enroll as an IPC (Independent Product Consultant) for doTERRA, there is no obligation to build a business – however you do earn 25% off all purchases and if you utilise the Loyalty Rewards Program – you can earn free product each month!!
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Step 1:
Go to
Step 2:
Under Quick links (bottom left) hit Sign Up/Join
Make sure “Join as a new Independent Product Consultant“ is selected, then hit “Continue”
Step 3:
Fill in sections 2-6 (personal / mailing information)
Step 4:
Filling in section 7 – picking your chosen enrollment package:
Options I recommend:
1) Family Physician® + Slim & Sassy® Enroll Kit = $174 (comes with 11 oils and includes enrollment fee)
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3) Introductory Packet  (No oils/ just the enrollment fee) = $35  Then below – you can order what oils you would like instead of a pre-set kit.
Step 5: 
Filling in section 8 (optional but recommended)
This is Loyalty Reward Order (LRP/Auto-Ship). Here you can select your order for the next month to automatically ship to you – you can change the order up to 48 hrs before the ship date.
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You earn product points (you earn 10%-30% of your order total in points) that you can cash in for FREE product.
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This is a great way to collect all the oils bit by bit on a monthly basis and receive benefits
Step 6:
Select Continue & follow the prompts
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If you ARE interested in building a business:
Please contact me with any questions:
Independent Product Consultant for doTerra 727830

The most pure and beautiful oils
Take a peek xx

Friday, 17 January 2014

Coping with the heat wave

 Im so over this heat but thankfully today is much cooler, after a week of high 30 degree days some days reaching over 40 Im glad for the change. I was up at 6 am this morning putting all 11 bunnies back in their outside hutches to enjoy the fresh air, as much as they were getting quite spoilt inside, I need to get organized again.
 With all this hot weather there has been some terrible terrible fires, especially at Halls Gap in the Grampians region. I had just posted not long ago about our day at the Grampians Zoo.
The smoke can been seen where we live which is just over an hour away from the Grampians.

 My gardens havnt suffered to much with this heat, some plants seem to have thrived in this hot weather, like this hollyhock in the middle of my vege garden, my gardens seem to me a jungle at the moment. its to hot for me to weed and tidy up out there.
 Spaghetti squash starting to take form, I cant wait to try these.
 I have a capsicum yay.
 I just love dahlias, have I told you that ..... I think I have mentioned it a few times, but I do, there is just something about them, I hope I get some more colors this year. I did plant some but I cant remember where
 Gladis didnt like the heat to much but they were nearly finished anyway.
 My parsley seems to be coming along although its in a pot with a lime tree and it gets a little shade.
 The dandelions on my lawn are pretty happy, which makes my rabbits happy. Im holding of mowing the lawn so they can have a bit of a feast.
 Pumpkins are in full flower, I bought these seeds of ebay I think they are giant pumpkins, they may taste awful. We will have to wait and see.
 Eggplant is starting to flower
 The 10 day old bunnies back in their outdoor hutch happily sleeping.
 I have blackberries oh how I love these.
 Im still loving the magical pattern on this rose
 The color of this one is just so pretty
 Well Cadbury is a happy boy , he has been indoors for a few days in a small cage but I just didnt want him out in the heat. So he is having a free range on the grass today to stretch those legs.
 My grapes are thriving, all this from a little cutting. This vine was from my Auntie who has since moved house and doesnt have this vine anymore so she is quite happy mine has taken of and is wanting a cutting back from me, Im going to have to learn how to get a grape cutting going as these are the sweetest yummiest red grapes.
 Now when I say "kids can you please organize your school books" I dont mean trash the lounge room aaagh. Some how my organized and their organized is not the same.
 Poor Gizzi is trapped in the room with the school books, she is looking at me as if to say "please Mummy get me out of here"
Look carefully the dogs are trapped in the left hand corner I dont think they are game to make their way through there and step on anything they shouldnt.
Well I have to go now and do something about this hideous mess xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Too hot

We are suffering the heat at the moment , these 40 degree days are hideous, I know I should not complain but oooooh the heat.
It is so important in this weather to look after our animal friends.
 Im lucky I have been on nightshift this week so I can keep the pets cool during the day although its not good for me to try and sleep its way to hot.

Several times I go to the chook pen to spray them with water, they have a beautiful big apple tree that covers their pen which keeps them under shade all day.

 Now my house is like a zoo as I cant bare to have the bunnies outside in this heat, I only have 3 rabbits but two have litters of four . I will be glad when the weather cools down so they can go back to the shed .
It sounds like a crazy house but believe me its very clean and tidy , the kids think I have ocd with cleaning which yes I admit I do. But when it comes to animals I think if you keep them you must be responsible for them being comfortable.
So hence this hot hot weather I keep portable cages so they can be inside out of the heat wave.

 We give them treat of apples, and celery to help them cool down

I cant bare to think of an animal suffering in the heat, I feel sorry for the sheep and cows with no shelter from the sun.
Only today we heard of two goats out in a paddock with no water not far from us, so my daughter and I drove out and took water and some fresh cold greens for them. There was no shade or trees or even shelter for the goats, there was no water in the troughs in the paddock and there had not been water yesterday either. A friend of ours rang the rspca and they said they couldnt do anything until next week. I really think that is digusting.
My daughter climbed over fence and took them water and sprayed them with water bottle we took the risk of getting arrested being on somebody elses property, yes it was wrong but so is keeping animals that you dont look after.
Anyway after we braved the heat to go and do that we were back home to keep our pets cool.

 The girls had a cold bath.
 The cats ..... well they just lob where ever and sleep.
The kids have been at the pool each day
We have all been sleeping down stairs as its like a oven upstairs at my house.
So far I have given 6 Indian Head massages.
The garden so desperately needs some attention , but watering is all Im going to give it until this weather cools down.
I hope everybody is coping ok in this heat xx

Monday, 13 January 2014

Busy Busy Busy

 Well its been a busy busy weekend.
To start the weekend we lost Bubby {big cat} he had been missing for 2 days , we called and called and searched for him with no where to be found.
Saturday morning before I had to start my massage course I rang the pound to ask if they had a cat of his description. The lady on the phone said "Oh a lot of cats came in yesterday just come and have a look"
I had 30 minutes to get to the other side of Ballarat so off we went Indy and I.
The lady took us into the room where they keep all the cats, we checked all the cages and nothing , we were so sad.
Then she said there is one more in this other room...... Feral wild cat room.
AND ....... there he was cringing in the corner of a cage, I barely recognized him.
Poor baby.
Now bubby is safe at home resting thank goodness and getting very spoilt.

 Then I was of to Guilford to do my 2 day Indian head massage course.
I had a fantastic two days. I met lots of wonderful ladies and we all got to experience the benefits of a Indian Head massage.
 Of course when I got home there was no rest as everybody wanted their massage.
I think Im going to be very busy this week, practicing.
 I have been collecting my neighbours mail while they have been away and in return they gave me some yummy chocolates and some lovely flowers.
I dont think I have ever tasted freckles as nice as these and I know my chocolates.
 That is pretty much my weekend.
Now to organize the menu for the week
we have
zucchini slice and zucchini soup
parma and veges
thai fish cakes and salad
potato pie
san choy bow
thai chicken curry

Now Im off to work nightshift, not sure how Im going to sleep in this heat as we are in the middle of a heat wave .
Hope everybody has a great week xx
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