Monday, 23 June 2014

Old friends

Well what an eventful weekend it's been, no gardening or anything like that to report so stop reading now as that's not this weeks blog post.
This weekend was a big me time.
Thursday and Friday started of with a beautiful few days completing my reiki master.
What a wonderful feeling it was , reiki has just changed my life I love it.

Then Sunday was my day to catch up with friends I have known since primary school.
Now this photo was taken 25 years ago this is my friend Deb we went to school together worked at 2 different jobs together we shared a flat together, now I have been working with debs sister Michelle for the past 15 years
This is deb myself and Michelle 
We spent a weekend in Melbourne relaxing 
My daughter Teneale drove us and stayed also and my stomach is still sore from laughing

Well I think we completely spoiled ourselves .
Just a dose of cuteness
It's allways good to get home xx
But I had the most wonderful weekend with non stop laughter I think I had panda eyes most of weekend from tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing 
Now back to work xx

Monday, 16 June 2014

A walk close to home

Often I will walk at the local lake but I usually drive to get there. I do love the scenery there but today I thought I would walk some where close to home

I just have to walk a couple of blocks and  I'm on this trail it's actually a lovely walk today I did a bit of a jog then walk as my jogging leaves a lot to be desired but each day I will try to do it for longer.

There is a creek that runs along the trail. 

Plenty of native trees

Some back yards back onto the creek I had to take a photo of this one as I loved it. 

There are seats along the way to rest. 

A table and chairs , I used to bring the kids down here for fish and chips. Think I will drag them from the Xbox and iPad this weekend and come down here I will be so popular I know it .....
On another subjects bunnies are still doing well in their new nest 
I love this one

On another subject again NEVER buy weed mat it is useless . This is on my list of things to do as I'm sick of weeding I'm going to have to rake stones and put somthing else under them as weed mat is a waste of money.
On that note I'm off to work have a great day everyone 

To do lists

I don't know what I would do with out my lists , I make them everyday even at work I make lists of things to do and things to cook. 
Sometimes the lists are a little big and I don't get everything done do I shorten them into achievable things even if it's one thing a day.
Yesterday I finally cleaned my spouts yay. 

Today I finally used all the tomatoes to make sauce.

I think I'm going to have to invest in a larger pot.

All bottled ready to go.
Laundry detergent was made.

Roses were pruned.
Garlic was planted , I only planted half a bed this year as I have a freezer full from last season still. 
I have been busy with bunnies on weekend as the litter of 5 the mother wasn't looking after them and I found them Sunday morning scattered in her cage 3 had died and there were 2 that were cold but still were moving so I kept the close and warmed them up then rubbed some fur from this little nest of bunnies over them so they would smell the same and I popped them into this nest and so far so good this mummy bunny has adopted them , hence I am making many trips up and down the yard checking on them.
Oh look what I found I was super excited with this bargain $25.00 and I can not lift it. I have seen succulant gardens planted in these so this is a little project I picked up. I can't wait to get this happening . 

Friday, 13 June 2014

Sleep eludes me

So It is now 1.40 am in the morning and way past my bedtime. But this week is nightshift week , oh how I've struggled to sleep during the day and silly me decided to put my name down for over time just on the odd chance they may pick me and what do you know I am the chosen one . Oh yippee so I sit here in my break and write my blog as this is the only chance I've had this week as it's been busy busy all week.
Last week on Friday I had a visit from the lovely Lynda from "Living in the land of Oz" go check out her blog.
I'm a terrible host all I served was cupcakes and just got lost in conversation as we talked and talked and talked all day isn't it fantastic when you have all these things in common and the same interests you can just spend hours with out drawing breath lol.
Saturday I went to the Body mind and spirit festival in Melbourne and had a awesome day catching the train with my partner and the kiddly winks dragging them all around but a good day was had by all I have no photos as I forgot my camera and my phone was nearly flat by lunch time . 
Sunday India went to her friends for a sleep over and Tyler did also , my friend sent me this photo of the boys having a ball . I relaxed and watched movies which I highly reccomend. Twelve years a slave and philomena .

Somebody was busy nesting 
She certainly makes a nice big nest
She had 3 beautiful bubbas
On the same day my other bunny also had a litter of 5 healthy kits in this nest.
I couldn't get any photos as it was a little to dark.
I finally got to plant some cauli and broccoli 
As not to much is happening in the garden besides broad beans 

Kale and spinach and the odd potato coming up. I must of missed pulling all the potatoes out last season 
Of course as I have put mushroom compost on the gardens I have these popping up everywhere .
Well that's it for my lunch break I'm back to work hope everyone enjoys their weekend xx

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Weekend bliss

 After a busy week at work I was glad for the weekend, I did put my name down for overtime and was pretty annoyed that I didnt get it but by the end of the week I was glad I didnt get it. Everything happens for a reason and I would much prefer time at home than 12 hours working.
I finally mowed the back lawn and put all my mushroom compost onto the gardens.
 I took grape cuttings that everyone has been asking me for so I sure hope they grow.
 Potted bits and pieces as well as helped out with some homework for the kids.
 I didnt get around to cleaning the spouts which I will have to asap as water is coming in under the pergola. As Im growing a lawn in the spouts now.
 Rabbit cages cleaned and waste onto the fruit trees.
 Vege gardens topped with mushroom compost
 These little bubbas all have homes except one but they wont be ready to go for a couple of weeks.
 Great weather for ducks as its been raining most of the weekend and everything is GREEN.
 Nasturtium is growing up my nectarine tree hmmm not sure if this is a good idea
 Cant resist a chook photo
 Especially a chooks fluffy bum
 I have mushrooms popping up everywhere as my compost is from a friends mushroom farm.
 These beauties are still blooming
 What Im most excited about is I got three eggs , I know I know its a small thing but my girls have not being doing much for a couple of months I have been getting zilch or one every now and then , I couldnt believe it when there were three there. Hmmmm the smallest things can make our day cant they . I am grateful today for three eggs from these girls and three is my number so there are good things to come xx
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