Sunday, 8 April 2012

School holidays

Well its school holidays once again, how the time flies, I actually love the school holidays as I get to spend more time with the kids.
Easter Sunday was spent with and Easter Egg Hunt and nerf gun wars, hmmm first time for me, but I must admit it was lots of fun and I still say the girls won.
School holidays has been busy here with new additions we have 2 litters of bunnies and 2 litters of guinea pigs, so we have been all having lots of time outside with the critters.
The vege garden is still producing plenty of tomatoes, so looks like a will be making sauce and green tomatoe pickles for the last of the tomatoes as Im wanting to clean up the tomatoe garden and fill it with horse poo and give it a rest over winter.
I have plenty of seedlings that I have planted from seeds I bought from ebay I find they are good value and organic, I plant extra for the rabbits , guinea pigs and chooks.
Speaking of chooks I went to the Talbot market a couple of weeks ago and bought a new chook and what a nightmare she has been she is the biggest escape artist I cannot keep her in have had her wing clipped rearranged the chook pen but nope she still gets out.
All my chickens are purebreds and she isnt so I have decided she is just feral, and I have to build somthing on the chicken pen now to try and keep her in.

The Talbot market was nice we often attend it but we do prefer Daylesford its closer and love the atmosphere, also we stop at the chocolate mill and have hot chocolates the white hot chocolate is to die for it is the best I have tasted, and the chocolates are also the best I have tasted considering I work on a taste panel once a fortnight I could say if you are in the area stop at the chocolate mill it is delicious highly reccomended. Also the Mill Market Daylesford is awsome we all love it there for those vintage finds.

My ebay store
has been keeping me busy with my secondhand finds although school holidays slows it down a bit as the kids arnt fond of opp shopping .

Have made another batch of soap coffee and vanilla with goats milk so think I will call it my vanilla latte soap.
My gorgeous little kits pictured at 3 weeks old their Mum is from Mountain View stud Tasmania and their Dad from Erinlea in Olinda they have the most beautiful coats I havnt sexed them yet so havnt named them they will have pedigrees, the kids love them so I may keep one of them.

Also pictured is Alice my alpaca guinea pig she is due any day to have pups, cant wait for those cuties.

Anyway we have one week to go of school holidays boo hoo, I have this week of to spend extra time with kids .
Happy Easter and enjoy the holidays
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