Sunday, 5 May 2013

                       Guinea pigs in the organic garden

I love these little creatures, gentle little souls they are.
There are many different types of guinea pigs my favourite at the moment is the mini sheba yaks, only because they look like they are having a bad hair day.
Guinea pigs to me are useful little pets as I have no dig gardens and they produce manure and urine soaked newspaper that gets used for mulch or into the compost heap to rot down, also I move the cages around the lawn and it saves on mowing.
They are an easy little pet to look after but I do suggest keeping more than one as they love company.
My whole garden out the back is made from cleaning cages and compost.
Cages should be cleaned once a week, and water bottles and food topped up every day.
I give my little pigs extra treats as they need vitamin C to stay healthy, oranges, kiwi fruit, capsicum, cauli, bok choy, silverbeet, apples, if I notice there are patches of long grass in spots I pick that and give to them, when ever Im in the backyard they start squarking for grass.

This group in photo are all girls, I love the little chocolate and white one I will be keeping her, these girls are only a week old, they usually go to new homes at 5- 6 weeks I like to home 2 at a time if I have enough to go together of the same sex.
Here is some edging that I salvaged from my Dads house I couldn't see it go to waste so I pinned it all down and will start to layer it with guinea pig waste, newspaper a bit of horse poo and compost and pea straw, will keep updated with the results , it wont be ready for a while though.

On the weekend we decided to make a fire pit so we can also use the ash to place on the garden.
Its a bit rough but it does the job and its fun, looking forward to damper, potatoes and marshmallows

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