Saturday, 26 September 2015

Beginning the garden make over

What beautiful weather we are having here in Ballarat. 
It's great to be able to get outside & get some things done.
I'm beginning a revamp of my whole yard starting from the top to the bottom.
This week the very top was started just outside my kitchen window.

This is the before & after photo

Hopefully over next few weeks can get a lot more done. My vege gardens are moving to the other side of this wall. 

I've tidied up my little potting area. This is where I keep all my cuttings that I give to friends & replant in other areas.

I've also just started weight watchers for three months to try & shake these extra kilos those winter months have put on.
This is a lovely lamb Greek salad for tea.
Lasky is exhausted from her 2 long walks she had today. I need to keep up the exercise.
My daughter took this photo of her & Alaska . Alaska just loves the kids. 
She also loves to sticky beak into the neighbors yard.
She also likes selfies.
& getting close to the cat
Back to gardening this is the next plan of attack. Stay tuned 
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