Saturday, 26 December 2015

That time of year

That busy busy time of year. Finally today I have time to relax. It's been a busy few weeks preparing for Christmas . I had 12 for lunch. We all had a lovely day with all the trimmings. Way to much food. I think next year we may go out for lunch . 
Lots of works going on in the backyard it's not finished yet. But there is certainly some changes .
Even a concrete slab & path in front of the shed. This used to turn to mud in the winter. 
Alaska inspects everything that gets done .
In the above picture you can just see the top garden is my vege garden . The next one is for my little hobby of growing different iris & dahlias .
My next project will be revamp the chicken pen so I can get chooks again , boy do I miss them . They would of loved the food scraps at Christmas .
On Christmas Eve Tyler & I went to look at the Christmas lights. Some of the displays people had were amazing 

Christmas Eve was a beautiful night just sitting on the balcony .

Indy & Alaska unaware of me taking photos .

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas 
I didn't take any photos on the day I was to busy in the kitchen .
Time to recover & relax now xx 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

A catch up

Well I Havnt had much time of late, blogging has been on the back burner, things have been quite busy around here.
My new vege garden is almost finished,
I just need to put some bark on the path between the two gardens. The back bed is vege garden the front bed will be different variety of iris . 

Finally got some seedlings in today , tomatoes , lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini ,capsicum , butternut pumpkins , watermelon . Rhubarb . I also potted some herbs as I use them all the time.
This is my little potting corner . 

I salvaged pots from my mum & dads property which has now been sold.

My Aunty is also very generous with plants as she has such a green thumb & is often dropping me of lovely pots of plants .
Since I lost my lilly bulbs & dahlia tubers my Aunty has given me a new lot. Yay

Berries are coming along nicely 
A new addition to my study
I have admired this chair for a long time & I finally bit the bullet & purchased it.
Lots of works going on in the backyard at the moment.
I've also been busy teaching reiki & holding group get togethers at my house for like minded friends , we have creative workshops where we meditate , talk about crystals , card reading and a bit of painting .
I really love all the spectacular colors  of iris I can't wait to get my garden bed going . My Aunty and I are growing all the different colors then doing a swap.

My friend & I spent some time in Melbourne participating in one minute eye contact experiment . 
& as if I'm not busy enough. I joined scentsy as I love the products . So if anyone is interested im your gal lol. 
To finish of a busy day in the garden , a lovely Thai beef salad for tea. One of my favorite meals at the moment .
Hope everyone enjoys their week xx

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Garden bits

Last year I put in a few new iris . This is one of my oldies but each morning I rush outside to see if any new colors have bloomed. They arnt far off. I can't remember what I planted I think I'm going to make a garden diary so I know what I have 
This is my favorite time of year when things start to boom. 
This is my favorite color combination pansy.
I think of mum when these come out as they bloom on the anniversary of her passing which is tommorow.

Another iris
How can we not believe in miracles when we look at the beauty of a flower.

 I've finally found a home for the rocks I painted at my workshop. In my little zen garden.
Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead . Take the time to be mindful & notice the little things. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Pumpkin and fetta salad

The healthy eating is still going ok this week 2.3 kg down.
This is one of my favorite salads of the week.
Spinach leaves
Pumpkin cut into cubes & roasted then cooled.
Sundried tomatoes
Toasted pine nuts
Fetta cheese
Then a dressing of balsamic & a splash of maple syrup.
Very tasty. 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Beginning the garden make over

What beautiful weather we are having here in Ballarat. 
It's great to be able to get outside & get some things done.
I'm beginning a revamp of my whole yard starting from the top to the bottom.
This week the very top was started just outside my kitchen window.

This is the before & after photo

Hopefully over next few weeks can get a lot more done. My vege gardens are moving to the other side of this wall. 

I've tidied up my little potting area. This is where I keep all my cuttings that I give to friends & replant in other areas.

I've also just started weight watchers for three months to try & shake these extra kilos those winter months have put on.
This is a lovely lamb Greek salad for tea.
Lasky is exhausted from her 2 long walks she had today. I need to keep up the exercise.
My daughter took this photo of her & Alaska . Alaska just loves the kids. 
She also loves to sticky beak into the neighbors yard.
She also likes selfies.
& getting close to the cat
Back to gardening this is the next plan of attack. Stay tuned 
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