Saturday, 31 August 2013

A blank canvas

 Just thought I would post a couple of photos of my house as this was 11 years ago. I bought it with no gardens at all and no fences, Its still not finished its a work in progress. This picture is out the front
 This picture is where the pergola is now
 This is the backyard
 This is now the front I still have some more things to do, but its getting there.
 This is the pergola area and balcony
 Vege gardens
View over the top of vege gardens.
The backyard still has quite a bit of work to do its a work in progress and I enjoy being outside getting things done, when I can.
Not to bad considering I have done this on my own on one income I have had help from builders and had things done gradually.
It keeps me very busy but do love this place.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Vintage give away

Thank you to everyone who has followed me and read my posts also for all the lovely comments.
A big thank you for mentioning my blog as well. I quite like the idea of having give aways I might make it a monthly thing as I often find all sorts of goodies in my travels.
I put all my readers names into a box and the winner was
If you would like to email at  with your address I will post of your goodies asap.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Chocky rocks recipe

As a child my absolute favorite biscuits were chocky rocks. When I came home from school and mum had made these I was happy. I have no idea why but they allways sat above anything else that was made and mum did a lot of baking.

Chocky rock recipe
250 g butter
1 cup castor sugar
2 eggs
1/2 teasp vanilla 
2 cups sr flour
100 g choc bits
4 cups corn flakes

Preheat oven to 180
Cream butter and sugar
Beat in 1 egg at a time add vanilla 
Fold in sifted flour
Choc bits and 2 cups corn flakes
Take spoonfuls and roll into remaining cornflakes . Bake on greased tray 5-20 minutes 

Please may I have one mum 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Life in a day of a shift worker

This week Im working day shift so its up at 5.30 am and off to work, quite a busy day only got to sit down in my breaks which was a bit tragic.
Finish at 2pm, drop into the oppshop which is on the way home , purchase a few items for ebay then home.
Its such a beautiful day today so those lawns are calling my name, so mow I did.
My lawns are a pretty good work out as my whole block is on a hill and have to push the mower up hill to get out the front, it takes about an hour of up and down hill so Im pretty buggered right now.
Once the lawns were done its in to package up my ebay sales for the day to post in the morning, feed the chooks, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats.
Im pretty lucky as the days I work the kids go to their fathers house so I dont really feel like cooking tonight, I know I know Im lazy but my partner has offered to bring some noodles over so noodles it is.
I bought a new book at the opp shop which there is a photo below so I will kick back and relax tonight, then do it all again tommorow.

 I think this book will be good reading
 Whilst Ive been busy lazy bones has been kicking back on the couch..... I want to be a cat
 I had to take a photo of the view from my balcony of the beautiful blue sky, spring is just around the corner yay.
 Just a couple of shots of the backyard with freshly mowed grass on a fine day. I love that smell.
Im hoping on the weekend I can spend the day outside doing some much needed tidying up.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Enjoying the small things

 A walk in the garden today admiring all those beautiful colorful flowers starting to bloom.

 Im trying to plant every week as I want to attract many bees as eventually I would like to keep some bees.
 My little bay tree and rosemary bush below Im also wanting to make a herb garden or maybe a herb spiral

 Nectarine tree just about to blossom
 My garden ornament just doesnt compare to the little family portrait below of Neve and her two daughters.

 Like I said I want to try and plant every week and today I planted tomato seeds from last years crop into these home made pots, I also planted some freesias and a couple of cuttings from my Aunties house but have no idea what they were, I have a lot of things in my garden that I cant name, I think I need to get some body around who can tell me what all the plants are as I have got quite a few cuttings from people over the years.

Flying stars workshop

Today I did something a little different, my partner and I attended a feng shui workshop here

Feng Shui is the study of the relationship between you and your environment.
The flying stars workshop was very interesting and informative, I have read feng shui books before but they really dont compare at all to this.
To start we need a plan to scale of our house

This is my downstairs and upstairs plan, we also needed to know the date it was built and the date we moved in. We had a compass reading where it sat. Then it was divided into 8 sectors then all the numbers represented mountain stars and water stars. It got quite confusing at certain points.
There is certainly some re arranging I will be doing in next few months and adding different bits and pieces.

Some little pieces I will be adding to different rooms the first object is a gourd it is to absorb illness energy.
The second and third items are metal on metal bells to dissolve negative energys from star no 5 area of your house. This probably makes no sense to readers and Im not superstitious at all but Im really interested in energies. I found everything that was happening in my house and who slept in what area when my house was divided up into sections this all made so much sense.
It is to hard to explain here as Im only beginning to understand but if anyone is interested I suggest doing a workshop. If you feel connected to the earth like I do this is all about our connection to the earth as it is the five element theory
The lady who teaches this is also teaching a workshop in horticulture with feng shui added to it.
her link to her facebook page is at the top of this page.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Back to it

Back into the swing of jobs around the house, lucky my daughter needs some pocket money as I allocated jobs to everyone today.
Downstairs vacuuming for Tyler, upstairs vacuuming for Teneale, dishes, carport sweeping and dogs bathed by India.
Dogs clipped by myself and cages cleaned by me.
Then of to visit an unwell relative, then grocery shopping.
Its nice to get some help around the house , there are so many more jobs to be done but just not enough time in the day.
 How do you blow dry a dogs tummy, hold a smacho {dog treat} in the air then dry.

 Bunnys get to free range on the weekend, Neve didnt like the idea of the guinea pigs getting all the treats so she hung around for her piece of apple.
 Guinea pigs must have vitamin C mine love quarter of oranges they eat them often.

 My almond tree has just broken into blossom and its stunning.
 Gizzi sporting a new hair do
 Big cat not really wanting his photo taken, he is being held under protest, he is really a smoochy cat .... when he wants to be.

 Nala is such a lay back girl.
 Kat is the wild one, but extremely smoochy and very vocal.
Milly is also the naughty dog who scratches flat out on the door to get in or out.
Hopefully this week I can get some more things done outside and the weather starts to improve.
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