Saturday, 25 May 2013

Sunday drive

                     Sunday drive

For as long as I can remember my parents used to always go for drives, its a habit I would like to try and keep. To get out and enjoy life, every moment of it,
 We started out with the usual pancakes for breakfast , nothing fancy but they are yum and a Sunday morning tradition
 Nala miows and miows until she has her share, this cat has no manners
 The off we went to Daylesford it was quite a cool morning, check out Indias jumper it was a opp shop find this week and she loves it {always a bonus}
 The Daylesford market is held on the hill at the old railway station, the kids can go for a train ride, I really like this market is has a bit of everything. I forgot to take a photo of the roasted chesnuts I bought I had always wanted to try them, now I know why I havnt ugh, I didn't like them at all. Reminded me of floury potatoes.
 Not a great photo of the market
 Then of to Mt Franklin to the Chocolate Mill, oh this place is divine, unfortunately you cant take photos inside but they have chocolate making on display, their chocolate is divine.
 The strawbale building
 I was pretty lucky to get this photo as kids couldn't wait to eat them
 Oh I hate looking at this photo I wish I had bought more
 Tyler chose a spider at the cafe
 But India and I can never go past the white hot chocolate made with belguim chocolate , its the best I have ever tasted.
 Last night I taught Indy to crochet and on our drive she made this, we travelled onto Trentham I didn't get any photos as my camera was flat but will go back next week.
 Later in the afternoon we got a couple of guinea pigs ready to go to their new home, cute little girls they are.
 Finally I got to cook this Ive never tried it but this its dinner.
Roast pumpkin drizzled with honey cumin and coriander, cauli baked with cumin and coriander.
mixed salad leaves , chopped homegrown and pickled beetroot, roasted cashews, balsamic vinegar.
Fry onion, chilli,coriander,cumin, garlic then 1 cup quinoa, then 2 cups chicken stock.
Cook until all water is absorbed
Quite tasty, now I know what quinoa is like.


  1. I enjoy Sunday drives too, but we haven't been doing a lot of them lately. It is great to get out and check out the countryside and the odd op shop that is open.

    I love India's jumper, especially the colour :) I have bought three items of clothing recently from the $1 rack at the Salvos. Two skirts and a top :) India has done well with her grandmother taught me the basics of a granny square and my mum taught me to knit :)

    Those chocolates look divine and I love your cute little guinea pig!


  2. love the chocolate mill must go there again soon and that salad looks so yummy.xx


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