Monday, 27 May 2013

New rule

                           The new rule

I have to apply a new rule in my house, since I opp shop at least 3 times a week sometimes more and starting to get back into the garage sales. Mostly I buy to re sell in my ebay store and 90% of our clothes are from the opp shops, but we can end up with things we don't really need, so I have decided if I put something in my wardrobe something has to come out and that goes for the kids as well.
On the weekend I got some lovely clothes and initially I was going to resell them, but after looking over them again ..... and then again, then deciding oh I might try them on, I ended up only putting one item in my ebay room and the rest I was keeping .... big no no
So every item I put in my wardrobe I had to take one item out and it was a hard decision but it had to be something I hadn't worn in the last 2 years and something that Im not going to wear that often.
I think I might even do this for the rest of the house, I have a kitchen cupboard that really needs a good looking over and Im planning on a garage sale soon so, I bought 3 items for the kitchen on the weekend so 3 items in that cupboard have to come out { Oh gee I hope there is just a spare lid in there or some crappy item} but that's it one for one.
I actually turfed out some nice items from my wardrobe but they we resell on ebay so Im ok with it and I havnt worn them in ages .
I wonder how the kids will go with this rule


  1. I've only ever bought on Ebay, never sold. For some reason it scares me. Silly I know. I have stuff to sell but I procrastinate as like I said im not sure what to do. My husband has a lot of electronic stuff he would like to get rid of too.

  2. Hi lynda it's very easy if you can blog you can ebay it guides you through step by step , give it a go with one item first see how you go x


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