Saturday, 28 February 2015

Weeks review

 With a busy schedule a slow cooker is a must I simply love mine
 I whip up the ingredients the night before and pop them in the fridge then just turn it on at 7 am and leave it. So easy
 At the start of the week I make the school lunches and freeze. So if Im busy and the kids ask for money my answer is ...... nope lunch is already made. It adds up if I have have to give them both money each day for lunches.
 Im still picking beautiful berries for our smoothies.
 My opp shop find a beautiful cook book.
 A bit of crafting for the girls
 Plum sauce is still to be made
 Im loving my dahlias
 So is Alaska
 My new chair for Indian Head Massage, its the perfect height and suits my reiki room
 Gorgeous littler of netherland dwarfs
 I think flower buds are amazing especially dahlias when this blooms it is as big as a dinner plate.
 Tomatoes are slow this year
 I really have one naughty dog who refuses to let me collect eggs alone, I think she thinks she is missing out on food.
Vege garden looking a tad busy at the moment
Have a good week everyone xx

Some inspiration

One of my favorites 

The next one I just love as my son said to me after I grounded him that I'm a reiki master & I lose my temper ...... What a gem 

So yep I'm still human 

My beautiful Tibetan singing bowl which was a gift for my birthday 
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Or Instagram . I havnt quite worked out how to get the buttons or the links onto my blog just yet 
Sending everyone positive energy this week xx

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lazy blogger

So yes I'm a lazy blogger.
Although I'm a busy bee around my home.
So you know I'm still here I have posted a few pictures.
Just some back yard delights.
Yesterday we went to see the lion king. Oh how I love that stage show, incredible talent there.
After a big day in Melbourne it's always nice to be home.

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