Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cough and cold remedy

I think I may have posted this recipe before but I made a few changes this weekend.
I have not had a cold or flu in 10 years but on Friday I came down with one and oh boy it was the man flu. Runny nose like a tap , sore throat , aching limbs , raspy cough and no energy. 
I had heard all sorts of stories how bad this years flu has been and how it takes so long to get rid of and I thought no way this is not happening I'm going on holidays next week I refuse to be sick .
So out come the home remedies .
Started out with honey , apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper and hot water taking a dessert spoon as needed.
But I needed more as I was getting worse and ended in bed Saturday afternoon for a few hours .
So next we had same recipe but added clove of garlic crushed and teaspoon cinnamon and teaspoon of tumerick ugh it was potent .
My other liquid I drank was my reiki healing tea
A friend sent some distant reiki healing.

My doterra oils Breathe in the diffuser and on guard to wipe away the cold germs of everything. 
Low and behold today I am feeling awesome apart from a slight cough I feel great. I rang Dad and he couldn't believe the difference from yesterday as he called  in and thought I sounded and looked shocking . The bug seemed to lift quite quickly which is awesome as I'm of on holidays next week and I refuse to be sick. 
So if anyone is fighting the dreaded cough and colds this winter give this a go. I highly reccomend but don't blame me for the taste it isn't that pleasant 

Friday, 15 August 2014

One fine day

 A lovely day it was today although Im full up with the flu which is unusual for me as I never really get anything to much. I managed to get outside to mow the lawn and spend some times with the critters who love the pats.
 The girls love to get into the gardens and peck around

 This girl has just started to get used to getting pats and she loves them now.

 It is most important that everyone gets along here. Alaska is doing so well making friends with everyone.
 Considering she is only 10 weeks old. She is going to be a big girl.
 The girls enjoying their sunflower seeds. Alaska ate some to only because the chooks were.

 They did a fair bit of kicking around today so the garden is getting quite a turn over

 Blossoms on the plum tree its about the only flower I have at the moment.
 This girl getting very close and personal with Alaska.

 Nala keeping a watchful eye on everyone
 After a long moult finally the girls are laying this is the second collect today , I collected a total of 5 eggs today which is great so Im back to baking.

 A new litter of Netherland dwarf bunnies only a week old.
 Ready to mow the lawn
 Always by my side in the yard she loves all the other animals
 Hmmmmm I wonder who did this...... ripped the fly wire of
 Mars bar slice on the way
 M&M cookies are made we used rasberry M&M s and pineapple and they were yum

 Another spot of gardening done by somebody
 Ive fenced of the vege garden with a temporary fence hopefully deters a naughty puppy

A batch of biscuits fills the jar for the weekend.
Enjoy your weekend I think I may be trying to kick this cold in the butt so I will be resting xx
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