Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Change of attitude

                  Its working

This is a follow up of a previous blog about the book Im reading "The simple living guide"
There was an article in it about changing your attitude so you enjoy all those mundane tasks.
Well two days into my work week and all is well, its looking good for me, instead of I hate going to work its boring,,,, I have been enjoying the last couple of days , I know I know its only a couple of days but Im taking in the little things.
Ive been taking notes while Im at work and this is what I have written so far.
Day 1. As I walk into work from my car the smell of cocoa fills the air its quite a nice smell {a lot of times its the waste water treatment plant depends which way the wind is blowing} I can hear the birds in the gumtrees around the plant and there are lovely flowers blooming in the pots out the front of the building.
Greetings from many people on the past shift is always nice it takes me a little while to actually get out into the plant as I tend to chat a little catching up on what is going on since I only work part time.
Whilst out in my workplace Im thinking ok what am I thankful for here
Im thankful for
I have a job that pays the bills
my workplace is clean
I can use the phone { always a plus}
I have fresh water to drink when ever I like
I can sit down occasionally
I can take notes
Its never to hot or to cold
I get to talk .... sometimes a lot and listen of course
Really this place is not to bad these are simple things we take for granted that some people don't have .
Another plus is I can eat chocolate when ever I want {probably not really a good thing} but sometimes its nice.
This week because Im on afternoon shift I get to call into the opp shops in the mornings that's allways nice especially when I have found some cool things this week, I havnt got time to take pictures today though but they will be coming soon


  1. Hi Thanks for your comment nice to meet you

  2. I was talking to one of the guys on the floor this morning (I'm so like you, im the only female and everyone's mum) and he was telling me about his new car and we were talking about how bad black was a for car (I have a black one) and then I stopped and laughed and said "listen to us, this is such a 1st World Problem, we are actually whinging about the colour of our cars" when (you guessed it) people are out their starving and at war. Sometimes you need to get some perspective about what real issues are and appreciate how good we actually have it.


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