Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Home made cough mixture

I must say I havnt had a cold in many years but my children have and my daughter seems to allways get a nasty cough which is very hard to shake, this year I made my own cough remedy and I must say her cough was no where near as bad as it usually gets and cleared quite quickly.
Here is the recipe
1/4 teasp cayene pepper
1/4 teasp ground ginger
1 tablsp honey
1 tablsp apple cider vinegar
2 tablsp water
Mix and take by the teaspoon

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Opp shopping

Opp shopping has allways been a part of my weekly routine, since I have a low income and increasing bills, which seem to be insane at the moment.
My two youngest children and myself 80% of our clothes are from the opp shop. I dont like to pay above $10.00 for an item of clothing and if I do it has to be pretty special as the budget just does not allow for it.
What is annoying me so much lately is the prices in the opp shops, these places are supposed to be for people with low incomes , the goods are donated the workers are volunteers I know the money they make goes to helping people and charitys but honestly the system is a disgrace. This morning I visited the Salvos and St Vinnies well the prices were insane I looked at a dress it was $70.00 then another it was $30.00 everything I picked up was well over $10.00. If I went to Kmart the clothes are cheaper there but everything is made in China. So what choices do the they give the consumers ... to buy imported stuff  make everything overseas as its so cheap to buy, let our countrys unemployment skyrocket. Let alone the quality standards are a lot different to ours especially with food.
How do the low income earners clothe their family when charity shops have their prices so high , why such high prices its all donated . We buy from the salvos so they can give money to families who cant afford food because they have spent all their money on drugs and alcohol and gambling ....yep not bad.
Its cheaper to buy from China keep the unemployment situation rising, look at Coles they import rip of chocolate bars and Dove from China its cheaper and consumers buy all this rubbish as its cheaper.
I have nothing against China they are lovely people but they could just supply themselves. Imports should be banned we should be able to make our own food and clothing.
Bit of the track with opp shops now, but its all about being green, there are still some nice little church opp shops who keep their prices down who are genuine who do help the community. So next time we have a closet clean out and want to donate think twice about where you donate your stuff to.
On the note of stuff there is a web page which is very interesting
We are such a wasteful society, this web site should be shown every year at school, it actually should be a subject in schools.
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