Monday, 20 May 2013

What a weekend

                              What a weekend

Well once when I had commented what a weekend it would of been all the exciting things that I had done, this weekend the house had been ridden with gastro and quite a violent one at that.
It all started with my son having a pain in the stomach , I thought he was just faking it so he could jump into my bed , oh why not hop in snuggle up is your pain better now darl...... all of a sudden he went to get out of bed but got his foot stuck in the blanket and then vomited all over my carpet uuuugggh, I can do most things but cleaning up spew is not one, worst of all India had a friend sleeping over and it was 11pm at night and Tyler tucked up in his nice clean room while Im in the stinky room, the weather is freezing I cant open the windows and struggling to clean the mess, oh dear.
The next day Indy is now sick so both kids all weekend couch swapping not wanting any food [thats a sure sign of sickness as they eat me out of house and home usually}.
So my big plans of getting anything done or going anywhere was out the door.
Now to top it off I have the bug after sitting for three hours in the doctors surgery to get a certificate for work. Im now snugged up keeping warm and wanting this dreaded bug to be gone out of my house so I can get something constructive done.
At the moment Im like this

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