Monday, 16 September 2013

Vintage finds

 My weekend find at the Mill Market I couldnt believe it , it was only $99.00 of course Im going to do it up and paint it but its beautiful, now not everybody thinks the same as I do. When I seen this I thought who am I going to get to pick this up for me as they would probably charge a large fee to deliver, who could I con with a bag of lollies. Bingo my ex husband so a quick phone call  and yes he said he would but send a photo so he knew how big it was. Next minute I get a phone call " That is hideous , what do you want that for, its ugly , it will fall apart, its a piece of sh....t "  Ok calm down I didnt ask you to buy it I said can you deliver it.
Anyway he delivered it today after many snide remarks about this hideous item I just bought. I can handle that for free delivery . I think it was a bargain.
 Im thinking I may paint it red and white at this stage
 I found these two fire king ware mugs today for 50 cents each they are in perfect condition

India found this at the mill market and just thought it was the coolest thing ever { her words}
because it had a dial. India loves retro so hence we did need another phone as there is only one in the kitchen and when it rings we have to run downstairs and answer it and half the time we miss the call and we dont have an answering machine. Now Im still not a hoarder as I sold 4 guinea pigs this weekend so I have 4 items here but the cups will be resold on ebay and I am still de cluttering for that post poned garage sale as I have to leave my car out the front now until I have the sale as the garage is all set up and filling up.


  1. I love the cabinet ... it was a bargain! My gran used to have one like this and whenever I see one it brings back lovely memories. M x

  2. I love the cabinet also. Not sure about red but you know your own decor. Who cares what ex thinks. That's why he is an ex, no? Lord, that phone is so funny. They were so everyday when i was young. I even remember (barely) and old black bakerlite thingy on the wall that rang through to an exchange with one of our neighbours who had to manually connect you (and of course she listened in to every conversation). No secrets in the bush. I remember having a full set of these cups and in fact there is still one in our boardroom cupboard at work.

    1. HI Lynda, yes those phones were all I had but apparently they are pretty cool now lol because they have a dial { who would of thought}. Imagine working on the exchange,no secrets anywhere lol.

  3. I love the cabinet, what a great buy!


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