Thursday, 5 September 2013

I bought a cow

 Not a real cow {I wish it was} just a teeny weeny little glass cow for 20 cents at the opp shop, Im not a hoarder really but I couldnt leave it there it was just to cute.
 I also bought a pair of vintage frogs, I remember my Mother having some of these and she had them in a plant, so thats where I decided to put them, I potted up this succulent put in some green rocks .
I know these frogs are vintage as they are made in Hong Kong { usually recent items would be made in China}
 Broccoli are starting to get some heads on them
 Having a little rain
 First sign of my tulips

 New Rhubarb coming through [ we ate all the old stuff ]
 Silver beet which I grow mainly for the rabbits and chooks
 Bok choy
 Beetroots coming along ready for me to juice
 Carrots still alive, growing slowly
 Fresh lettuce straight from the garden to the table
 My broad beans growing like crazy, I dont even know if kids like them [ I do]
 This area is usually clean but I have somebody who has figured out how to open his cage and he escapes twice a day and sits and stares at the girls and pees just outside their cage, he is naughty but oh so cute and friendly he follows me everywhere and circles me all the time [ that means he is fond of me] in rabbit language.
 What I planted today
 Aw she is just to pretty I had to take her photo
 My guard cat
Another opp shop find not sure what Im going to do with it, maybe wash veges outside in it or collect berries or even plant something in it


  1. You have green fingers!
    I am in love with your dear little rabbit ... !
    M x

  2. Hi vintage Jane lol thanks he is a cutie isnt he x

  3. lol i thought you meant a real cow,your vege garden is looking awesome Sharon,well done with having a green thumb.xx

  4. Great vegie collector as you can rinse straight away. Garden is looking abfab and so healthy. Loving you bunny. You need to make a rule that for everypiece you buy you have to hand one back or you will become one of those hoarders on tv. It is a nice cow but i do prefer the real kind.

    1. Hi Lynda, yes I know I have that rule with clothing but think I better make it with household items as well lol. I prefer the real kind to especially those furry highland cattle, think I would be pushing it if I got a real cow.

    2. Im wanting to find a farmer, within 1 hr of Melb, that will let me share a cow. I pay for it, he/she raises it, i visit,and we share the meat. Sounds like a good deal to me. I want to spend time on a farm... sigh... Do you know how much they charge to for farm stays, a fortune. What's a country girl, living in the city, got to do to get a little dirty?


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