Sunday, 1 September 2013


 This  post is the nitty gritty of it all, those corners of the yard that need work, we can all take photos of the beautiful areas and lush gardens but im afraid many areas in my yard need some tlc.
The above picture is down the side of my house as its a no through road as there is a creek behind me. Its good as I can drive down to the back gate {not that you can see the gate in this picture. This is council land but they have never mowed it ever so thats another one of my jobs. The pile of dirt is from a friend needing to get rid of some fill so I said I would have it as I will use it for paths in the back yard.
 This shot is from down the side as well but looking toward the front, this isnt mine but I have planted bits and pieces there and mow this also lol. The house in picture is over the road.
 This area here is the stones out the front which have that dreaded weed mat under it. Thats a great buy that stuff ugh. This summer Im hoping to rake them up and pull up the mat.

 This area is down the side of my house its neglected at the moment I need to beautify this area. I would love to pull these plants out and put all blueberries down here but thats going to be a big job.
 Second water tank needs to be connected beside other one
 The girls all escaped their pen on Saturday and had a carnival in the garden
 while these two had a carnival in the chook pen gulping as much bread as they could
 I really love the colors in these flowers they are so vibrant

 Nala helping with the jobs on Saturday
 Good help is hard to find look careful listening to ipod.
 Garlic coming along nicely
 My mulch has arrived yay.
 This gives you an idea of the decline in my yard. Any volunteers to mow.
 My new vege beds finally mulched and soil in them. Planted out one bed with potatoes.
Sebago and Dutch cream hopefully plenty of potaoes.
Also the other bed is pumpkins and sunflowers.
Im trying to make a habit of planting every day at the moment or at least a couple of times a week even if its just seeds or potting up cuttings.


  1. Mowing this yard must be good for the calves - that would be the ones in your legs not the 4 legged kind. I want to put pumpkins in but no space so i have to look into building an arch and going vertical. Good on you for showing the uglies. My ugly is the god awful grey wooden fence that surrounds my back yard. I have visions of painting it blue to offset the green grass and the colourbond raised beds. My other ugly is being able to see 5 different houses from my yard. The block is just under 700m2 but the fence is low. I got rid of my diosma. What a disgusting scratchy job to pull them out. I have that mammoth sized pine in front yard, left over from the 90's.

    My garlic is doing nothing. I know it involves extra work but id love the space in front of the creek. Since they dont mow it could you throw out some meadow seed and have your own daisies etc coming up. Possession is 9/10ths of the law, im told.

  2. HI Lynda, yes its certainly a work out on the legs. That diosma is around the side of house so I dont look at it often lol. Think its pretty far down the list of things to do. Maybe if I put a cow around on the council side to chew down the grass they might pay a visit lol.


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