Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Savory noodle muffin

This is a quick and easy recipe and the kids love them.
3 packets 2 minute chicken noodles
3 eggs
1 zucchini grated
1/2 capsicum chopped
1 carrot grated
1/2 cup tasty cheese grated
1 cup plain flour

Prepare veges
Cook noodles drain and pour into bowl with veges
Add beaten eggs

In separate bowl mix flour cheese , chicken seasoning salt and pepper
The add rest of mixture and mix altogether . Place in muffin tins 
Cook on 180 for 15-20 minutes


  1. My son has an obsession with 2 minute noodles at the moment, so its worth a try. He's not eating my meals lately as he sleeps all day and plays all night and makes himself something when he wants. He went through an entire pack of wraps today. Not a vegie in site. Its really worrying. I can lead a horse to water but....... Ive tried leaving him prepared meals but he doesnt eat them.

    1. Hi Lynda, he may like them if he likes noodles and you could add extra veges. x Good Luck

  2. I've never had a savoury muffin before. These look like they'll make a great snack!


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