Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bits and pieces

 I have been feeling a bit out of sorts since last week, just not myself so what does one do to get back on top.
Juice and vitamins hopefully will get me feeling better in no time.
 I cant believe I hadnt thought of this idea, we have many many banana smoothies in this house and when I buy bananas I just throw them whole in the freezer but no body wants to make the smoothies as the bananas are a pain to cut up frozen, so cut them up before you freeze them and put them in a container take out a handful each time you make a smoothie, {where is my brain why didnt I think of this sooner} I actually got this idea of a blog
 Celery leaves in another container for my juice.
 Im trying to reduce rubbish here and re use what I can so these trays now have seedlings growing in them
This mix is my favorite juice the kids dont like it as I put to much ginger in it, but I love ginger. They make their own with berries oh and they also dont like celery much.
 Quick and easy potato pie always great for left overs as well
 All the toilet rolls have been wrapped in newspaper and now are sitting in my laundry with tomato seeds in them. This is my favorite way to get tomato seeds started.
 Bella getting a bit cheeky making her way up the stairs early in the morning, she is the only one who does it.
 Finally I was determined to dig out and old azalea bush that was sitting in corner of my vege garden, oh my god it was hard work, but I wasnt giving up and asking any body for help this weekend after my week at work last week asking for help of chauvinistic people, this was not going to happen this bush was coming out if it took me all day.

 Ta Da I did it and now I have room for some extra veges , I cant believe I dug it out, I was exhausted.
 I look up to find this, where did this mattress come from, ugh they inform me the lady next door said they could have it they were making a cubby  aaaaagh no, this is the child that leaves a mess  from room to room I know that mattress will be left there for me to get rid of , of course the lady said you can have it as she wanted to get rid of it, this child leaves a trail of bits and pieces, there is jewelery making in my lounge, there is remains of a cooking expedition in the kitchen, there is cut up paper on the desk, I have to refrain from exploding.
 Lets just get out of the house and go to the lake, give in to the take away monster and McDonalds it was for tea by the lake, we stayed there until dark Im glad they were running around having fun

I love these beautiful swans I   have many photos as a child feeding them by the lake, we used to save all our stale bread and go feed them as we didnt live far from the lake, must dig out those old photos.


  1. I think im going to have to get myself a juicer but what i really want is that Thermie so ive put it off. I dont want to go get individual applicances when a Thermie takes the place of 10 BUT they are so so expensive.

    Yes, i enjoyed some time out of the house on the weekend as well and i feel better for it.

    I so know what you mean. I work with only men and i have to Aspie men at home and so i cop quite a bit of male ego and SO i also will takle big jobs and lift heavy things just because i can and i dont want any help, thank you very much.

    1. I dont think I have ever seen a thermie, I must admit my juicer is an el cheapo but its sure had some use and even the kids can use it so Im quite happy with it.
      Yes its nice to get out and relax.
      Lol you sound like me, I certainly have a bee in my bonnet this week and I know when I go back to work tommorow I will not ask any questions about any machinery I will just pull apart myself even if I havnt a clue { its going to be messy lol}

    2. That mother of mine not only taught us how to walk around with a book on our heads and how to set a table for guests but also do anything that a man could do. Dad died when i was quite young so ive had girl power ruling the roost for most of my life. It drives my husband nuts. I think our home would be much "easier" if i sat around and painted my nails more often. The male ego is a fragile thing. LOL..

      I have seen a Thermie in action and believe me if you did, you would want one too. Most of my appliance are very old Tiffany or my flash mixer is a simple Breville. They do the job but i really want a juicer and processor but dont have alot of bench space. A Thermie does it all.

      Gosh sometimes my typing is shocking. I try to squeeze comments in between other things and i go too fast.


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