Monday, 9 September 2013

Busy week

This week I am going to be quite busy, I have finally made a date that this Saturday if there is no rain Im having a garage sale. So that means get cracking on the spring cleaning. I have started to move some things into the carport I have four more days to fill it up.

 Eek I have to work as well so no gardening this week just sorting. I really need to get rid of some junk, what does not  sell is going to the opp shop.

 Kat just squashed my clucker tucker I was growing this picture is taken from my kitchen window, she must of thought it was nice comfy grass.
 As I was carting things outside for my sale I managed to bake a batch of biscuits and a slice for the kids lunches, I hate to buy packaged items and they always love their snacks.
Hope everyone has a good week x
Im going to be busy.


  1. Sharon you are one busy lady, how do feel about sharing some recipes, those snacks look good. most of us love to try out new recipes.

    1. Hi Pam I will be this week lol, the biscuit recipe is here let me know if it takes you to the right page. I use that biscuit recipe a lot its my favorite and this time I just added peanuts, I change the variations around all the time, its a very nice mix.


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