Monday, 9 September 2013

Honey nut slice recipe

This was a big hit with the kids yesterday so I thought I would include the recipe on my blog. Its great for school lunches and you can drizzle white or milk chocolate over the top.
 Honey Nut Slice
1 1/2 cup corn flakes
1 cup coconut
1/2 cup castor sugar
1 cup rolled oats
2/3 cup chopped macadamia nuts
125g butter
1/3 cup honey

Grease and line a slice pan.
Combine cornflakes,oats nuts and coconut

Melt butter honey and sugar, add to dry ingredients mix well.
Spread into tin cook in a moderate oven for abt 10 minutes until lightly browned.
Cool the slice in the pan.


  1. Loving the looks and sound of this. What a delicious and healthy treat!

    PS: I'm hosting an Airwick candle giveaway today and hope you will enter:

  2. This looks very yum. I will give it a go. Both the schools my girls go to are nut free, so I always substitute choc chips for nuts. Such a trial!

  3. I will make this later today with toasted flaked almonds and a second batch with dark chocolate chips as I do not have Macadamia nuts. Thank you for the recipe Sharon.


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