Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunny Sunday

Today we had an awesome day we drove to Daylesford, gee I love that town it is just a hub of activity on Sundays.
I actually delivered a little bunny over there only because I was going that way.
We went to the Market and purchased some fresh veges, some delicious baklava and some lovely strudel.
Eek I need to start riding my bike.
We walked around the town and browsed the shops and sat in the sunshine and ate lunch.
We then visited the Mill Market in Daylesford we all love that place.
The took a scenic drive home, everything is so green at the moment its just beautiful Im sorry no pictures as I was driving.
Its usually only I who notices the flowers and little things in the garden but today the sun really helped some flowers to bloom and as we got out of the car in the driveway the kids said WOW how did they get like that.

 Pig face certainly puts on a spectacular show in the sunshine and Im loving the orange.

It was a lovely day to get those laws mowed , I love the smell of freshly cut grass.
Then on to clean out the chook pen so the girls were pretty impressed.
Then now to sit down and catch up on reading some blogs. Its one of my favorite things to do


  1. Some days just roll right along like they know where you are going. Sounds like you had a great one - Love the flowers!


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