Sunday, 1 September 2013

Happy Fathers Day

 We celebrated Fathers day by having a lovely BBQ with Dad and having a laugh with Dad and his witty sense of humour although at the moment Im behind a lot of his jokes.
 This photo above is of Dad when he was a little boy so is the one below with his pet sheep.

 Dad and I
 Dad and Tyler with Dads hat on
Dad as a teenager.

Why am I the butt of Dads jokes ?
I took Dad to vote on Friday and he was happy as Larry chatting away in the car telling me how he would show me how to vote properly ........ until I dropped the major bomb "Dad Im voting for the Greens though"
WHAT was the response, your joking arnt you, you better be bloody joking , let me out of the car, dont you walk in with me, oh how embarrassing , rant rant rant .
There were two halls one for voting and the other was alcoholics anonymous he then proceeded to say loudly you go in there and say "Im Sharon and Im a idiot" lol.
Dad thinks Im a crackpot completely now, he has put up with me ringing him at 7 am so excited my guinea pig has had babies, my ideas are just so different to his he likes junk food , he thinks Im trying to poison him if I give him a glass of my home made juice or even lemon cordial and if I make my cough mixture remedy he carries on like a pork chop, he wont eat eggs from my free range chooks he only likes eggs with a stamp on them, he tells me I should be reported to child services as I give the kids brown rice, he thinks thats cruel lol,
When I asked him to look after kids as I was doing a feng shui workshop he said "oh that will go nice with reiki" being smart of course, he has put up with all the different hair colors and I get all the wacky comments even when I got solar put on, but this is the biggest reaction ever I think I have tipped him over the edge.
But I know he loves me anyway .
So Happy Fathers Day Dad love the wacky one xxx


  1. Lovely post about your dad! Dads just cant believe we can hold views other than theirs can they? Sometimes I have heated debates with my dad because he thinks I should always agree with him. Hey ho! We love them anyway X

  2. Hi Anne, yes he was pretty sure I was going to vote his way lol. He had me amused all day with all his comments though xx

  3. I would have told him that just to stir him. What Fun! I love hearing people's stories of their relationship with their Dad, especially when they are good ones. Dad died when i was 10 and so i only have very faint memories. Hubby had a bad relationship with his and so we really focus on him and Tom having a good one. Yesterday Tom brought Hubby his present and breakfast in bed and then climbed in (at 16) and they went back to sleep. They are both Aspie's so operate on the same level. Sometimes i cant tell which one is the teenager.

  4. Aw how sweet, should of got a photo. Thats great they relate to each other, my son has adhd but with obsessive compulsive as well at the start they thought it could of been aspergers, he seems to grow out of different things but develops new habits. Keeps me on my toes.


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