Sunday, 22 September 2013

Quinoa Breakfast

 I have never had these quinoa flakes before I thought I would give them a go for breakfast, we need to step up our healthy eating.
Im afraid I failed at making these taste that great I should of researched some recipes first.
All I did was place one cup of quinoa to 2 cups water in a saucepan for 3 minutes. I tried a bit while it was cooking and thought oh my god my kids are never going to eat this.
I tried to disguise it with golden syrup and strawberries , I could eat it but the kids had one dessertspoon and blah "what is this' " its yuck". I thought it may of tasted like porridge, nope.
Looks like Im going to have to experiment with it a little more, but I dont see kids eating it in near future.
I myself wouldnt say it tasted great I dont know if I did something wrong but it reminded me of clag.
I know this sounds terrible but I put the kids bowls down for the pets and none of them would touch it.
If anyone knows how to cook these flakes so they are tasty please drop me a line .


  1. If you want a healthy breakfast that tastes good just go with a big bowl of ripe strawberries! Some people like them with a little cream, but we ate bunches of them straight off the plants - everybody helped pick strawberries at our house.

    1. Yes think I may stick to just strawberries , Im working on the strawberry patch now. Much cheaper as well.


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