Saturday, 21 September 2013

Making the most of things

 Im a tad excited , I think I have almonds on my almond tree, I love wandering around the garden and looking for new growth. My gardening adventure is only a couple of years old so these fruit trees I have are only fairly young. Im still learning what works and what doesnt. Im still putting my little allotment together. I really want to make my piece of land as productive as it can be. I dont want it to be just where we eat and sleep.

 I want to be able to walk into the garden and be able to whip up a meal. I have a lot to learn but love the journey. This lettuce I picked last night and it was straight to the table. Even Dad grabbed some bok choy of my. I may have converted him yet he told me it was the best he had ever tasted, you just cant get fresher than that. Garden to table.
 I also love bright flowers to attract bees for pollination and eventually keep some bees myself. To me flowers are just simply amazing and so beautiful.
 I even think I have some apricots forming
 Hopefully some pears, we just have blossoms at the moment.
 I know one thing for sure I certainly can grow broad beans so Im sure this will fill my freezer and Dads. I will also save some to plant again next year as this lot was saved from last years pods, pretty good experiment. Im thinking about buying a fowlers preserving kit so I can preserve a lot of my produce.
 Not sure about this broccoli its mainly just leaves and only a couple of heads, Im hoping they start to pop up soon or not sure what went wrong here, any suggestions would be great.
 The grape vine is starting to bud again this vine was a cutting from my Aunties house and last year it had abundance of beautiful sweet red grapes
 I get excited when I go into the laundry and it isnt because Im about to wash clothes thats for sure, its where I start of all my seedlings and the benches are always covered in pots.

 I am extra excited as look what arrived in the mail, my new bicycle yay. I havnt rode a bike since high school and let me tell you, watching me riding this has been very entertaining for the kids, mind you I havnt been out on it yet, this morning I tried it out in the lounge room. I was joking and said to Tyler Im going to ride this to the shower,oh dear he informed me to stop trying to ride it in the house as there wasnt enough room for me to balance. Later I tried on balcony India informed me I may need training wheels I cant wait to take it out for a real ride its lots of fun, a bit of a novelty for me, Dad has been ringing to say dont you go out on that bike alone in case you fall off. lol. Its a machine just look at it, it has a bell and all.
 This is my favorite tulip I just love the colors
 These lillies appear every year around the same time my Mother passed away
 This little flower has just bloomed it was given to me the week my Mum passed as I like these flowers as I used to see them outiside Mums window when I sat with her in the nursing home
 Fresh eggs are in abundance here and we are making all sorts of things. This is our standard breakfast at the moment
I have made the decision to sell of all my guinea pigs and concentrate on gardening and chickens, the part I didnt like was when I had to sell the babies and know what sort of homes they went to and also waiting for people to pick them up and they didnt show up. Today a lovely lady travelled from Bendigo to pick up a couple of them and I gave her a extra few as I knew they were going to a good home. I have only one Mummy and three babies to sell but they wont be ready for a few weeks. That will be the end of the piggies for me.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend xx


  1. Dear Sharon
    What a lovely garden you've got. I love the new bike too. Enjoy all the good things you have growing - lucky you!
    Best wishes

  2. I think your brocoli might have the same problem my brussel sprouts did. I say did because today i pulled them all out and they looked so so health BUT no heads. Just tiny little leaves coming off the stem covered by gigantic big leaves. Apparently they need a good dose of cold weather to set the heads and it warmed up too quick. Apparently, dont quote me. So, Jessie gave the the idea that ill just make green compost. My chooks (being bantams) dont eat much green fodder. At least i can draw out some of the nutrients ive grown back into the soil. In its place ive just put some corn which will later have beans added and a few lettuces in between. The corn will shade the lettuce later in summer. All those buds must have you excited. Ive just finished my first full year of garden and so ive got pear blossoms im not sure what to do with. So far that it for fruit. Oh, a cumquat and a mangy lemon in a pot that really needs to go in the ground. You are way ahead of me.

    1. HI Lynda, yes think poor broccoli will be compost and rabbit and chook food , my chooks go crazy when they see me coming and if I have no scraps they seem let down lol.
      Thats a good idea lettuce in with the corn. I do have corn seedlings in the laundry so I may try that to.
      Im pretty sure I only put that almond in last year so thats why I was a little surprised. The only fruit Ive ever grown is apples so cant wait for my other trees to fruit.

  3. Oh yea almonds are a coming that is a huge buzz.

    Love the bike - I'm still wibbly wobbly on mine.
    Love leanne

    1. HI Leanne, I hope I get enough to make something nice .x


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