Saturday, 7 September 2013

Happy Saturday

 Happy Saturday everyone, just a couple of snaps from the day, my little bunnies are growing Ive decided to keep this little one her name is Blackberry.

This little one I will be selling and she is super friendly

 Well puss has had a tough week he had an abscess removed and spent the night at the vet so my pocket had a tough week also. He is back in fine form today the drainage tube was removed this morning and he is enjoying his time outside.

 Being chased by rabbits
 Looks a tad frumpy in this photo
 I cant wait for loganberry season
 What I planted today

 I wonder why I dont sew, as Im never left alone they thought I layed this on the floor for them. The material is beautiful vintage fabric, Im going to make a bunting when they decide to move.
 I had a good week at the opp shops this week with some lovely vintage finds , vintage clothing is amazing these two dresses are from the 70s so that makes them 35 years old, not many people keep their clothing that long.

 This isnt a very good photo but I was extremely excited when I found this. It is from the early 50s                                                  
 A collector will love this


  1. Dear Sharon
    Great vintage finds. I particularly like the 1950s dress and coat - very stylish!
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Ellie, yes those finds are few and far between x

  2. I love fabric bunting. When i was home last on the big road trip, we made 30 mtrs of it to decorate a tent at the races. In the same fabric we made hay bale covers so the ladies dresses would be protected. I do love your bunnies. Nice photo of your daughter. Would make a good FB profile photo for her.

  3. Hi Lynda, I love fabric buntings as well the most I have ever sewn is a button lol, India my 12 year old taught me to sew last night ....thats the next blog. Wow that sounds like a lot of sewing.

    1. In my family (the one at home) nothing is ever done in small portions. Cakes are cooked in baking dishes and meals are never smaller than 6 serves and more likely to be a dozen. We were taught all those "home skills" by a very determined mother including piano and singing lessons. She raised good housewives but unfortunately also ingrained martyrdom. I find it very difficult to put my needs first. Which i guess was perfect training for being the wife of an Aspie and the mother of one also.

    2. Wow I cant imagine cooking for that many think I would be in a panic lol. All that training sounds fantastic although I know what you mean about putting your needs first.

    3. Good Training indeed. Ive catered supper (hot & cold) for 400 with a team of two and a couple of kids dragged in to hand everything out. FIGJAM!

    4. Lol oh wow that is unreal, Im flustered at christmas cooking for everyone, but 400. Think I would be beside myself lol

  4. Hey Sharon, do you see all the photos in my post. It could be a word press thing. I am missing some if i look using google on internet explorer but when i use Chrome they are all there. How do i fix that one?

  5. Hi Lynda, Im pretty sure I see all your pictures I use Chrome though. I have no idea how to fix that, Im hopeless with computers


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