Monday, 2 September 2013

Sweet potato pie recipe

I remember reading this recipe on
Lynda had been on holiday and the chef had given her this recipe it looked delicious so I had to have a go at making it, thanks Lynda it was delicious.
500 grams sweet potato cooked and slighty mashed not mushy.
500 grams ricotta
5 eggs
salt and pepper
crushed macadamia nuts for the top
Bake like a quiche
Pie is ready when skewer comes out clean.


  1. yummy i will be giving this one a try as well,so glad i have come across your blog Sharon,love your recipes.xx

    1. Hi Shez, thank you for following me much appreciated.
      If you havnt been to the Chocolate Mill you must go, the chocolates are divine and its a lovely drive as well.

  2. That looks good. Im having flashbacks and my tastebuds are salivating. I have a tuna sandwich in front of me for lunch that's just not cutting the mustard. Time to grab some sweet potato i think.

    1. Hi Lynda, ever since I seen it on your blog I had been dying to try it. Its really easy as well which is great.
      Thanks for sharing the recipe xx

  3. Looks really yummy. Must give it a try. Hugs,xx

  4. I have never had sweet potato pie before, it sounds delicious! I would love for you to share this at the what i am eating link up

    1. Hi Heather
      I shall try work out how to link it later today if I get a chance Ive just finished night shift so the computer and my brain doesnt work when Im really tired lol. But definitely will link up soon xx


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