Thursday, 12 September 2013

Take a deep breath

 Poor little Picky passed away this morning I found him stiff as a board in his cage, not sure what has happened to him but he had a bad habit of escaping everyday and free ranged the yard he may of eaten somthing he wasnt meant to, he was my favorite little bunny who followed me everywhere outside.
R.I.P Picky xx
 It has been one of those weeks, work has been awful, Im glad my working week is over as I need to take a deep breath and take in what really matters. I work in a male dominated industry and Im working in a new area and the training.... well all I can say is what training . I have worked in this place for 20 years and never been so disgruntled with things. The place never ceases to amaze me . Oh well enough of that Ive been in tears enough this week. Its time to enjoy the serenity of the simple things.
Like wandering my yard and the girls laying beautifully.

 Finally my comfrey is starting to make a come back. I have potted up a few of these comfrey roots I was going to sell them at my garage sale but I think I will plant some more in my backyard.
Ive decided after having such a bad week at work that I will postpone my garage sale for a couple of weeks to take the pressure of myself I really would like to really go over the house once more to make sure I have de cluttered completely.
 I didnt even feel like going to the supermarket this week so the simple snacks were staples from the cupboard, nothing better than a whipped up batch of scones for after school treat. They have to be the easiest quickest treat to make.
 Thanks to the girls we have savory impossible pie for the school lunches
Never waste an egg shell I keep mine in a container on the window sill then crush them up and put on the garden.
Things are much more simple and relaxing at home enjoying the little things.


  1. That is such sad news. Take your time and breathe through it. Ive been on this journey. Both at work and through the death of a loved one. I agree, postponing the garage sale is a good idea.

    I do the same with egg shells also. My sons friend works in a restaurant kitchen and sometimes i get a whole bag full.

    Thinking of You.

    1. Thanks Lynda, Im taking time out this weekend for me so I will be nice and strong next week to face round 2 lol.

  2. Sorrow at the loss of a pet,friend is natural and bears no relation to the size or breed. As for work! I know that feeling well. banging your head against a brick wall that grows thicker, taller and wider by the minute. We had a factory briefing last night and our new General Manager did not now that one of our customers rivals was starting up an ONline delivery service at a planned growth rate of 20% using the same delivery company as our customer. I see a large issue here, that 20% will come from existing supermarkets and could have a devastating effect on us. I would hazard a guess that your company has the same standard of senior management.


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