Friday, 12 July 2013

Yay its the weekend

Oh  thank goodness its the weekend, after a couple of busy days, not much has been done around the house, I did re arrange one room it was the computer room, today I finally got all the furniture moved to where I wanted it including a piano, oh my goodness they are heavy to move and they always must be placed on an inside wall.
The kids are back home today so the noise in the house has returned, grocery shopping done, menu planned for the week, last time I did a 20 day menu plan but I have found that with my juicing every day the fruit and vege needs to be done every week so Ive decided to just do a 7 day menu plan from now on.
 Couch moved into the computer room
 Finally catching up on posting my ebay sales
 The long awaited hair color, turquoise, only 2 foils though
 Tonights tea home made pasties and I did make a batch of curried cauliflower soup, the pasties are dead easy, just mince beef, 4 carrots 5 potatoes onion, all grated salt and pepper and sheets of puff pastry. It made 4 large family pasties .

Finished result of Indias hair.
Its been a busy day, Im really looking forward to the weekend and hoping I can get into the garden at some stage, Im missing it and I have quite a bit to do out there.
Have a great weekend everyone xx

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