Thursday, 25 July 2013

Its coming along

 A simple dinner made from the humble spud, home made gnocci
 Love this book, some yummy recipes in here
 A couple of vege planters I had made up out of recycled pallets, I plan on moving them closer and putting paths around them. The yard will slowly be coming along I have plans and its getting there slowly.

 Flowers on the broad beans
 The babes are growing into bundles of cuteness and they are just so friendly running up to the door when its feed time, oooooh I love them. I do hope one is a little girl I will be tempted to keep it.
 My potting area just planted a lot of sweet pea seeds tonight I hope they come along nicely. I really need to get a lot more plants into the garden.
 This much water since Friday I think I will be getting a couple more of these.
 Cute opp shop find , shall be going onto my ebay store
 Home made gnocci for tea, since my daughter is wanting to become vegetarian not sure how long this will last or how she will go , its her choice so I will have to rethink some menu planning.
 Opp shop find a vintage rooster.


  1. I have only ever had gnocci when I have dined out, how do you make it?

  2. Hi Anne I really should of put recipe on blog but was that tired I forgot lol
    Its really easy
    just boil 6 potatoes and mash them wait until cool and an egg and plain flour just keep adding plain flour gradually until its like a dough then roll in long thin sausage and cut into little pieces then put in boiling water, when it rises to the top it is ready, my kids love it and they usually help make it as well.


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