Sunday, 14 July 2013

My house

I actually love this house, it can be hard work at times but I do love it, I was thinking about selling so I wouldnt have so much to do but I probably would get bored then.
I still have so much I would like to do and it may take another 20 years but I know I wont ever be bored.

These are not very good shots as I scanned them but this is what the house was like when I moved in.

 This is the front now its not finished but its getting there
 The garden  has mainly been grown from cuttings from friends and family
This area is my potting area where I pot up cuttings and seedlings to give to family and friends. The other photo is my deck and BBQ area
 My little gardening friend Nala
 Dahlias were divided and potted today
 So was rhubarb
Waratah seeds coming along nicely
 A couple of months ago Dad had some edging laying around at his place instead of wasting it I put it in the backyard, covered in newspaper , horse poo and chook poo and remains of guinea pig cages now today I placed some peastraw on the top, its looking quite good Im hoping I may plant somthing around September in there, Im going to mainly use it for food for the chooks.

 Teneale bathed the dogs for me today which was a big help, one less job for me
 Kat was quite interested in what was going on.
 Beautiful clean girls

Some collectables in the bathroom.
There are so many things to do and not enough time in the day.
I was happy I got outside today for a couple of hours even though it was pouring rain.
Its such a nice feeling
I love Rhondas saying from Down to Earth blog
Bloom where you are planted xx                

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