Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Enriching my Earth

I think it has been 3 years now that my journey to living a bit greener began, before that I just thought you dug over a pile of dirt { and I did do that} on a grass patch and tadaaa there is the vege garden, hmmm guess what happened to that patch ...... not much.
I never had a compost bin and no chooks, I had no clue [ not that I really do now]
Today is a little different I don't know what happened to me, I think it was when I discovered blogs and I just love sitting down to relax to read them, I don't watch tv , I read blogs and I love it.
Slowly I am enriching my little piece of the earth.
I throw out no food waste, that is a crime in my house
I have a ice cream container sitting on the sink, it will either go to the chooks, compost or worm farm.

This is my compost bin, I would love to make one with pallets soon.
Three year ago my backyard was bare, now I have lovely rich mulch.
Most of my gardens down the back are no dig gardens, I save all cardboard and newspaper,
the waste from guinea pigs and chooks, pea straw, and horse poop.
I think its very important to keep enriching the earth.
All my weeds and clippings go to the chooks to scratch around then they go back on the garden.
This picture is just outside the chook pen its all mulch .Comfrey usually grows here but it has died down over winter.
I have an escapee chook at the moment who has been escaping everyday, this is what she does.
She hasn't wrecked or eaten any plants, she isn't to bad actually, she just seems to dig up the mulch , but I clipped her wing today so hopefully tomorrow she will be still in her pen when I get up.
A worm farm is also a must, there is such beautiful rich soil in here ready for the garden when I find a moment to work out where I will put it.
In the corner of the chook pen is where I throw all the clipping and weeds and the chooks have a carnival in there kicking it all about then they leave me with this rich mulch for the garden.
Who would of thought 3 years ago I would be running around the back yard taking photos of different piles of dirt I had, the kids wonder what Im doing and my daughter wants to know why I have pictures of dirt on the computer.
Simple things really do amuse me like look how beautiful this dirt is .......... the response ..... um ok.
I am simply enriching my earth.


  1. I think that your dirt is gold in disguise, I do not have animals but get the cleanings from a friends rabbit pens. I to make compost even the teeny scraps from my cotton patchwork go in the pile.

    1. Hi Pam, I didnt think about the sewing scraps I do use the vacuum bag and empty that into the compost. Great idea.

  2. My blog friend Shelby (fresheggsfarm) in Ohio talks non-stop about her poo. Goat, Alpaca, Chook, Turkey, ....... I've joked around with her about it. I totally understand where you are coming from. I think we had our lightbulb moment about the same and yes, it came from reading blogs. First was Rhonda's. Well done, i think your dirt (i think you should call it soil) is very attractive.

  3. Hi Lynda
    yes soil is a better name ,its amazing the last three years how blogs have changed the way I live.
    I love it. I am never bored. It would be fantastic to have all those pets I might take a peek at the blog. x

    1. Do take a look, she is an absolute card. Pity she is so so far away but we FB several times a week as well. Im not sure she would call them pets. She Eats Them!!!! The alpaca's provide fleece, which she spins and the goats are for milk. She also works fulltime so next time you feel tired..... she is my reality check.


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