Monday, 8 July 2013

Not as I planned

I didn't blog on the weekend as the weekend just didn't go as planned, I got nothing done,  I wanted to garden, clean chook pen, go to markets with kids, but instead I had a disagreement with my eldest daughter and it just left me stressed all weekend.
I spoke to a friend of mine and she said she has it happen all the time as she has an older child { adult} living at home, Im just not used of it and the stress of trying to help someone so set in there ways.
Anyway that was the weekend its a new day now and it was soooo freezing cold this morning -2 I really didn't want to get out of bed as I needed some sleep as I was sleep deprived on the weekend.
 View from my balcony this morning looks pretty grim
Frozen over stress ball in my garden
 My front garden closest to my house is my succulent garden
 I never really liked succulents but now I quite fancy them, this is the only garden I have them in and its dedicated to them
 Also a few little statues
 This is from my late mothers garden transplanted to mine
 So was this statue

 and this statue
 This rock my father borrowed from the beach for my Mother it now sits in my garden with shells we collect whenever we are at the beach, excuse the weeds Im getting to them

 What better things to do to destress yourself is get outside amongst nature and who can resist these little 5 day old bunnies, they now have fur and are just adorable their eyes wont open until they are 10 days


  1. How cute are they. Ive never really like succulents either but am starting to warm. There are some lovely specimens. Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I appreciate them.

  2. Hi Lynda, its funny my mother had succulents and I didnt like them now I have a garden just for them I think I just love all gardens now. Thank you for commenting on my blog also its always nice to get comments xx

  3. nawww Baby Bunnies.
    So sorry to hear about your spat with your big girl, it's a horrible feeling isn't it? Hope the atmosphere is calmer now

  4. Hi Sue, the baby bunnies are adorable, yes it has calmed down now. It has felt terrible and just couldn't get into doing things I should be doing. This big girl is certainly testing my patience. xx


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