Thursday, 4 July 2013

Its cold outside

Its quite cold and windy today so not much done in the garden, juice is on the agenda again to try and keep the colds and flu away.

Its school holidays and I have a child who likes to purchase things and I refuse to buy, I dont give allowances unless jobs are done and I pay by the job, we have a list what each job is worth.  For example
clean car $5.00
Bath dogs $5.00
wash dishes $1.00
vacuum # 2.00
clean cages $5.00
take bins out $1.00
I have a lot more but that is just an example.
My decluttering and spring cleaning is still going I try to do one thing at least a day and today was my ensuite.
The whole cupboard was cleaned including make up and brushes, this shelf was covered in all sorts of things before I tidied and decluttered it. I got rid of 3 bags of bits and pieces just out of this small area.
I think tommorow I will do the upstairs bathroom. Its a bit hard in school holidays hopefully when school goes back  I can get stuck into it, Im really wanting to get my reiki room happening.

From the time this child got out of bed he wanted to make scones, we finally managed it for afternoon tea
Easy peasy recipe
2 and a bit SR flour
150ml cream
150 ml water
and thats it
ta daaaa
Not much happening in the garden but the old saying stop and smell the roses, well today I noticed this starting to bloom and its such a favorite from my childhood

My daphne bush, oh how I love it, once it flowers I will have a vase in every room

My two opp shop finds for the day.

Finally tonights tea chicken casserole with cheesy damper and stuffed baked potatoes

              Chicken casserole
40 g butter
3 chick breast chopped
1 onion
250g diced bacon
435 g cream chicken soup
1 1/4 tasty cheese grated
300g sour cream

1 cup sr flour
2 eggs
2 cups grated cheese
1/2 cup milk

heat butter, brown chicken pieces add onion and bacon, pour over soup stir through cheese and sour cream.
Put in baking dish
make damper spoon onto casserole Bake uncovered for 30 minutes.

Stuffed baked potatoes
cut potatoes in half, bake until soft, remove inside flesh mix with garlic bacon,onion and sour cream and grated cheese. Stuff each potatoe skin and bake.


  1. I have never heard of Damper but it is going to appear on a plate close to me later. I just happen to have a chicken casserole defrosting for dinner. serendipity or what!

  2. HI Pam, silly me I think damper is an Australian thing, its a bit like dumpling mix, often its made and put on a camp fire and eaten with butter.
    Chicken casserole quite suited for this cold weather x

  3. Oh your scones look amazing! I like the way you pay your children for chores done - too many people these days buy their kids something every time they turn around and they have no idea of how to handle money.

  4. Hi Africanaussie, Yes we all have chores in this house, no borrowed money, even my eldest wanted a lend of $10.00 to catch the train I said sure you can vaccumm upstairs and down for that. I figure if I have to work so many hours to earn so much then they need to learn that they need to work out how many jobs they need to do to get a certain item.


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