Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Spring cleaning

Oh this is a bigger job than I thought it would be, when I said I wanted to do the whole house I really mean the whole house , every drawer, cupboard , room, shed.
I choose a spot and bring some bags and its a bag for opp shop a bag for garage sale.
Im not a messy person Im actually very organized and tidy but I found this spring cleaning is making my house look messier.
So far I have done the ensuite, bathroom upstairs, storage space upstairs, Bookshelf, Tylers dressing table the dvd cupboard and the kitchen Tupperware cupboard {that was a nightmare} it isn't just Tupperware it has bowls and containers and all those sorts of things.
Its a bit difficult while the kids are on holidays but hopefully when they go back I can get stuck into it.
I will be stricter and finish one room at a time starting at the top.
I think by September I want to be finished for my spring garage sale. I have one room that will look hideous until after the sale as that's where Im putting everything to be sold and what doesn't sell will be given to the opp shop, not one thing will come back inside.
Im getting there slowly I think the most daunting spots are going to be my shed, the recipe drawer {all those recipes you collect or write down and don't make} and putting it all in some order. Also my spare room which I use as my ebay room those three places are going to be the tough ones where I will really have to be in a good spot as I did pull the recipe drawer out the other day sat it on the bench then just put it all back I thought ugh I cant tackle this today.


  1. Congratulations for starting which is more than ive done. I console myself with the fact its not spring yet so i can leave it a few more weeks. Can i say thought that i believe you are right. Do one room at a time and then move on, so you can see your achievement. Also, what a pretty chicken. Those feathers are art.

  2. HI Lynda,
    I thought it was a bit early to start but I figure by the time I get it completely done it will be spring I did start of saying I was decluttering now Im spring cleaning lol.
    But when school goes back its one room at at time to be finished at the moment Im all over the shop.
    I love this breed of chicken I can stare at her feathers for ages x


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