Monday, 29 July 2013

Savory Impossible pie

It was a lovely day today I pottered around the house, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, I know Im strange but I do like housework I like the feel of it once its done and the house is spotless.
The spring cleaning is coming along slowly but its still happening , on the weekend I got rid of an old trampoline , a basket ball ring the kids wernt using and an old greenhouse that I dont use , I put an add in the local free cycle and they all were picked up on the weekend, yay extra space.
I think I may go through the shed on weekend and see what else I can put on free cycle its a very handy way of getting rid of what you dont use.

Dinner was Savory Impossible pie
5 eggs
1 onion chopped
2 rashers bacon
cherry tomatoes
grated carrot
1 cup sr flour
2 cups milk
parmesan cheese
fetta cheese cut up

mix everything together, place in pie dish
Nice easy meal
handy for my lunch to take to work


  1. I can't get to grips with free cycle must be doing something wrong, bet someones happy with their greenhouse.

  2. Jeepers, getting rid of a tramp and a greenhouse would have made some space. What to fill it with? Fruit Trees, veggie beds, Seating area with fire pit??? I love an impossible pie almost as much as a zucchini slice.

  3. Your impossible pie sounds delicious though I have to say I have never heard of them before!


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