Sunday, 21 July 2013

My little piece of land

On the weekend I had a discussion with the children about where our food comes from especially when we buy meat or even  take away like McDonalds and Kentucky the kids dont think twice where what they have just eaten comes from.
I then showed them some video footage of live export and the way they slaughter livestock then it is sold back to us { I really dont get that at all}. Also broiler farms and mass egg production . I think its important we educate the younger generation  to think about what they eat.
Also food miles , Im trying to get  a lot of things growing in my back yard, its a work in progress but I have plans.
Not sure about our meat situation I take my hat of to people who give their chickens a good life then can do the deed and be able to eat them, unfortunately I dont think I am able to do that so if I wanted to be self sufficent I think I would have to be vegetarian unless I harden up.
 Im on a single income and live on my own with the kids so its a bit slower getting things done, but I have a plan , and its coming along bit by bit, this past week Ive had the water tank I was given hooked up I plan on getting a couple more, I may as well save throwing them away.
I had a vege bed built out of old pallets and another one is getting done tommorow.
The yard is a but messy at the moment but its getting there.
 Along my back fence I have loganberries, rasberries and have just put in a blackberry. There is also a nectarine tree in the corner which you cant see.
 This is a no dig garden along my fence line, checkout the feature that I couldnt bare to go to landfill.
Its hard to see in picture but there is a apricot, pear and cherry tree along here eventually I will put cuttings of bits and pieces, I have just put some iris tubers and pigface, and a couple of other plants along here.
 This is my daughters strawberry bed.
 This is my garlic bed at the moment, the otherside of it is a work in progress there isnt to much here yet as Im planning another water tank for here, also some paths.
 This garden once had hebe in it gee that stuff is hard to pull out, but I did it and now its all converted to veges, along the fence grows a lovely grape vine which had the sweetest red grapes this year and it was abundant, at the moment there is broadbeans, onions, and caulis, I hope I get some good recipes for broadbeans as they are booming.
 This patch is my first little patch I had, it has broccoli, beetroot, carrots, silverbeet, you cant see in the picture but there is a rhubarb plant just around the corner.

Stocktake of the garden    Berrys           today I bought a passionfruit as I have no luck with them so cross
1 lemon tree                     loganberry     fingers
2 apple trees                    rasberry
1 nectarine                      blackberry
1 apricot                         strawberry
1 cherry                          3 blueberry
1 pear
2 plum
2 olives
bay tree
so far

Herbs                      rhubarb    carrots{purple and orange}
parsley                    comfrey    broadbeans
thyme                     garlic         onions
rosemary               broccoli     bokchoy
oregano                 cauli
lemon balm           beetroot

Im wondering if we can grow ginger here as I use quite a bit of it in my juices.
I still have a way to go to get things right with planting, and more vege beds and fruit trees.
I will have 4 new beds to get going with lovely rich mulch.
Thank goodness for chooks to help out with the composting.
I hope Im doing my bit to save on food miles with just small steps, I have a long way to go but we all have to start somewhere.
We can utilize any small space and start a vege plot, even if its in pots.
Gardening is contagious if you dont have one give it a go, its quite fun and extremely rewarding.


  1. Your garden is coming along nicely. I am with on the chicken front, we had poultry and rabbits when I was a child and the killing for the table did not bother me in the slightest then, but I could not do it now.

  2. I think its great you are getting the kids involved in growing things.Not so sure I could kill anything to eat though, I would probably starve or become vegetarian if I had to!

  3. Hi Anne yes vegetarian is looking pretty good

  4. Wow, thats an impressive list. Mine is so ho hum at the moment that i dont really have anything to post about. I think i could kill a chicken but i would not like to pluck, too many childhood memories of doing so. I guess its down to need. You do what you have to.


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